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July is Smart Irrigation Month
Did you know that here in the Valley of the Sun, as much as 70% of your household water use is outdoors? This time of year it isn't hard to believe. Temperatures are triple digits, and there seems to be more dust than rain in the summer rainy season. It's not surprising that water demand is typically highest in July. That's why July is Smart Irrigation Month.

We have resources that can help keep your landscape looking good and your water bill under control.

Water Wisely - most of us are either over-watering or under-watering our landscapes. The online Watering by the Numbers guide takes the mystery out of watering grass, plants, and trees.
    Key Tips: Water less frequently and more deeply, and water at night or in the early morning to reduce evaporation.
Get Smart! - "smart" irrigation controllers adjust watering automatically to account for local weather conditions to ensure your plants are getting just what they need for their optimal health. Get more information at the WaterSense website.

Tune up Your System - leaks happen, and systems need adjusting. Inspect irrigation systems and check for leaks and broken or clogged sprinkler heads regularly. Fix sprinkler heads that are broken or spraying on the sidewalk, street, or driveway. The Smart Home Water Guide will help you determine if you have a leak and assist you in locating it.

Go with a Pro - work with landscape professionals. Professionals with training and certifications have the skills and expertise to ensure your landscape looks great and doesn't waste water.
    Looking for a pro knowledgeable in designing, installing, and maintaining landscapes in our desert environment? Smartscape graduates have completed 20 hours of training tailored to local conditions.

    Need someone who is an irrigation expert? Look for professionals with Advanced Smartscape: Irrigation training or WaterSense Irrigation Partners

    For more certification programs and what they mean, check out the Know Your Pro page.
The Right Plants - desert-adapted plants will thrive with less water and less work on your part. Visit Landscape Plants for the Arizona Desert and browse through 200 selected plants with photos and details for inspiration.

Planning for Success - think cool, and plan for fall planting season! Our Landscaping with Style design guide has what you need to know to make your landscape thrive.