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  • If at all possible, put trees on a different valve from low water use shrubs, vines and groundcovers. Use a separate valve for vegetable gardens, areas dedicated to bedding plants, plants in pots, and areas to be planted with other water thirsty plant material. Accommodating different water needs by using multiple valves will allow you to apply water more wisely and efficiently.
  • If your landscape plan includes a turf area, use separate valves for the sprinkler system. This is necessary because sprinkler systems and drip irrigation systems apply water at substantially different rates.
  • Measure and measure again. If your landscape plan is drawn to scale, calculate the amount of irrigation line needed by measuring distances on your landscape plan. Then, to verify the calculation, go outside and measure the actual distances. If the plan is not drawn to scale, measure the actual distances twice to avoid overestimating or underestimating the amount of irrigation line you will need. The same goes for sprinkler system lines.

Make a Wish List
Draw Existing Site
Learn About Plants
Learn About Materials
Draw Preliminary Plan
Design Irrigation System
Basic Components
Emitter Quantities
Draw Irrigation Design
Draw Final Design
Prepare Cost Estimate
  • Add it up, then buy a little extra. Save time and frustration by buying a few extra irrigation system components prior to installing the irrigation system. If you break or lose parts during the installation process, you won't have to make extra trips back to the irrigation supply store. Also, having extras on hand will provide you with some spare parts for future repairs.
  • Install protective sleeves for those lengths of poly tubing that will be located beneath hardscape areas and structures. A sleeve is a PVC pipe 11/2-2 times the diameter of the irrigation line that allows for insertion of the irrigation line beneath hardscaped areas.
  • Several types of controllers/timers are available from irrigation suppliers. Features such as multiple program capability, the capability to program watering intervals of at least fourteen days, and the capability to program run times of at least two hours add to the versatility of an automatic controller/timer.

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