Install Irrigation Materials
The general instructions provided in this guide are for systems and components commonly used in residential landscapes but do not necessarily apply to all types of systems and components. Read and follow any instructions that come with your irrigation system components and contact your salesperson if you need advice. Construction drawings for the major irrigation system components shown below serve as a guide during the installation process.
  • Review your irrigation system plan thoroughly to get reacquainted with the plan and its components. Also, reread the section of this guide that pertains to developing an irrigation system plan. A short refresher course now may save time and effort later.
  • Take your plan to an irrigation supply store and ask for help with selecting the equipment. Take this guide along to show them the construction details for the backflow preventer and irrigation valves.
  • If possible, purchase all of the irrigation system components at the same time. Don't forget smaller items like pipe cutters, TeflonTM tape, primer, glue and temporary marking paint.

Color-coded irrigation lines
Photo credit: David Schultz

Prepare Your Site
Install Hardscape
Mark Plants
Install Irrigation
Backflow Preventer
Install PVC
Take Photos
Install Plants
Mulch and Granite
  • Buy extra irrigation line and fittings to handle unexpected problems.
  • Before digging, mark the locations of all irrigation lines and valves with temporary marking paint. This will provide a visual layout for the work ahead.
  • Now is the time to make any changes to your irrigation system design to properly route the irrigation lines. If you do make changes, revise your irrigation plan accordingly.

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Color-coded irrigation lines Irrigation components that are properly installed and easy to reach will contribute toward a water-efficient irrigation system Emitter tubing outlets should be placed between one and three inches above the ground. Proper placement will allow you to observe the wetting pattern for each plant and will reduce the likelihood that dirt from the surrounding area will clog th Standard Installation Detail and Examples for Points of Connection

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