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An increase in the popularity of Xeriscape over the past fifteen years has led to widespread availability of low water use plants in our area. If you are new to the Sonoran Desert or if you have not been shopping for plants in a while, you are in for a treat. The wide variety of low water use plants available today offers many beautiful choices.

Deciduous low water use trees can provide summer shade and let winter sunshine into your home. Low water use plants add texture, softness, seasonal color and form to the landscape. Desert wildflowers can provide extra color and interest during certain times of the year.

A nice combination of perennial and wildflowers offer year-round color.
Photo credit: Charles Mann, Charles Mann Photography

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Many low water use plant species are native to our area, while others have been imported from other parts of the United States and from different continents around the world. Take some time to learn about the abundance of beautiful plants that are water thrifty and adapted to our desert climate.

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A nice combination of perennial and wildflowers offer year-round color. Desert Marigold The impressionistic look of this natural design attracts wildlife, offers year round color and is low maintenance. This Texas Sage looks lovely in the landscape and thrives with a minimum of pruning. Parry The combination of structural cacti (barrel cactus, agaves, saguaro) define the space while grasses, flowering perennials, and groundcovers fill the yard with seasonal color. Yellow is a common color for low desert and desert adapted plants.

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