Mixed hardscape and boulders provide structural interest in this garden.

A variety of wildflowers and cacti provide vibrant color in the springtime.
A strikingly colorful combination of cacti, leaf succulents, and flowering perennials adorn the rock wall. Yellows and reds pop out of this plant palette while color combinations provide contrast:<br>
Red against green (fish hook barrel cactus against foliage of verbena), blue-green (Agaves) and purple (prickly pear and Hesperaloe) against yellow (barrel cactus and gopher plant).
Summer color in this urban Xeriscape - Texas Ebony (tree), Red Bird of Paradise (shrub/right), Lantana (groundcover), Petite Oleander (shrub/left)

To conserve water, keep water features and turf areas small as demonstrated in this lovely back yard Xeriscape.

Seat cushions and Mexican tile add color to this back yard Xeriscape.

A colorful, low-maintenance Xeriscape.

This raised bed planting area is an attractive, water-efficient way to grow vegetables. Like the rest of the yard, it is watered with a drip system.
Detailed illustration for landscape irrigation installation.
How to plant a tree
Sample Landscape Design
Landscape Plan
The three-point pruning method.
A beautiful mix of colors - Lantana (purple and yellow), Cherry Red Sage (red plants by windows), Desert Spoon (foreground).
The Xeriscape principles at work yielded this colorful Xeriscape perfectly suited to the homeowner
Seasonal Flowers soften the edges of a flagstone walkway.
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