Outdoor living in the Sonoran Desert - native plants provide shade, color and texture. (Palo Verde tree- by chair, Ocotillo - center, Desert Marigold - yellow/foreground. Blanket Flower - orange and yellow/foreground and Penstemon - dark red ri
A small water features provides a welcoming environment for people, plants and wildlife.

A combination of mounds, boulders, and plant groupings compliment the architecture of this house.
This beautiful garden gate provides a dramatic entry to a colorful, water-efficient yard.

Desert Marigold
This Texas Sage looks lovely in the landscape and thrives with a minimum of pruning.
The combination of structural cacti (barrel cactus, agaves, saguaro) define the space while grasses, flowering perennials, and groundcovers fill the yard with seasonal color. Yellow is a common color for low desert and desert adapted plants.
The impressionistic look of this natural design attracts wildlife, offers year round color and is low maintenance.
The plants in this newly installed landscape may look a bit lonely at first ... but after a few years, the plants will have grown and matured. In this photograph in the newly planted yard you can clearly see the flagstone path with sparse plantings on either side that define the planting areas.
Grasses, shrubs and perennials have quickly filled in the empty spaces of this yard. These fast growing plants can add color and interest while larger trees that mature more slowly begin to grow.
This roomy yard shows off this collection of large specimen Agaves, cacti and succulents.
Used as a temporary solution or as a staple in the landscape, wildflowers such as California Poppies, California Bluebells and Red Flax (shown here) provide a burst of seasonal color.
A small water feature surrounded by desert plants (Autumn Sage - red, Desert Marigold - yellow, and Parry

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