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Big Picture

water conservation resource     Tips to Save Water in Your Landscape

The numbers say it all, "Make changes outdoors to start saving money, and water." A selection of quick, simple steps that will make an immediate difference.

water conservation resource     Plant Information & Selection

Our online, interactive database, print publications, and a list of local demo gardens allow you to explore the amazing palette of plants that thrive in our desert environment.

water conservation resource     Design for the Desert

From container gardening, to water harvesting, to designing, installing and maintaining your personal desert oasis, we have guides that will inspire your imagination and provide you the practical information to ensure success.

water conservation resource     Watering Your Landscape

Speaking of success… so much of that has to do with proper irrigation. These helpful resources take the mystery out of watering your landscape.

water conservation resource     Irrigation Leaks

Outdoor leaks may be hiding in plain sight, or they may be harder to locate. Our Smart Home Water Guide will help you hunt down the the culprits that are draining your budget.

More Information

water conservation resource     Classes, Workshops and Events

Take a free class and learn about how to operate your watering system, which plants will live in your yard, how to design for energy and water savings and so much more.

water conservation resource     Hire a Landscaper with Water Conservation Training

Searchable Online Directory of more than 200 Smartscape trained landscapers. Smartscape professionals have received at least 20 hours of training on best practices including: irrigation system design, installation, and maintenance; landscape design and maintenance; and low-water-use plant material.

water conservation resource     Demonstration Gardens

Visit a demonstration garden near you to see plants that do well in your climate.