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Developed by the Valley water conservation offices, Landscape Watering by the Numbers: A Guide for the Arizona Desert takes you step-by-step to determine how much, how long, and how often to water your landscape plants to keep them healthy and beautiful. Inside its pages you'll find:
  • How many gallons of water your plants need depending on type and size
  • Where best to apply the water around your landscape plants
  • How to water your grass and landscape efficiently
  • Methods to measure the water output of your irrigation system
  • An easy worksheet to determine how long to water
  • Watering frequency guidelines depending on the time of year
  • How to schedule an irrigation controller
  • A handy maintenance calendar and troubleshooting guide
Visit Water Use It Wisely to download a pdf of the booklet, or contact your local participating water conservation office or water providers for a free copy of Watering by the Numbers.

The same people who developed this popular booklet have created an online version that makes it even easier to learn how to water your landscape effectively and efficiently, keeping your landscape healthy and attractive while conserving water.

To create your own customized watering schedule in just a few easy steps, go to http://www.wateruseitwisely.com/region/arizona/100-ways-to-conserve/outdoor-tips/landscape-watering-guide.php.

Where to get the booklet
To receive a free copy of Landscape Plants for the Arizona Desert, contact your AMWUA member water conservation office (listed below) or contact one of AMWUA's regional conservation partners.

AMWUA Member Water Conservation Offices:
City of Chandler
P.O. Box 4008 MS 404
City of Chandler, Arizona
Phone: (480) 782-3580
Fax: (480) 782-3805
Website: http://www.chandleraz.gov/

Contact: Cathy Rymer
Email: cathy.rymer@chandleraz.gov

Contact: Deina Burns
Email: deina.burns@chandleraz.gov

City of Glendale
5959 West Brown St.
City of Glendale, Arizona
Phone: (623) 930-3596
Fax: (623) 930-2197
Website: http://www.glendaleaz.com/

Contact: Jo Miller
Phone: (623) 930-3596
Email: jmiller@glendaleaz.com

Contact: Joanne Toms
Phone: (623) 930-3535
Email: jtoms@glendaleaz.com

Contact: Bruce Patrick
Phone: (623) 930-3760
Email: bpatrick@glendaleaz.com

City of Mesa
P.O. Box 1466
City of Mesa, Arizona
Phone: (480) 644-3306
Fax: (480) 644-2426
Website: http://www.mesaaz.gov

Contact: Becky Zusy
Phone: (480) 644-3058
Email: becky.zusy@cityofmesa.org

City of Phoenix
Contact: For brochures
200 West Washington St., 9th Floor
City of Phoenix, Arizona
Phone: (602) 261-8367
Fax: (602) 534-4849
Email: conservation@phoenix.gov
Website: http://www.phoenix.gov

Contact: Mary Lu Nunley
Phone: (602) 534-3950
Email: mary.lu.nunley@phoenix.gov