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Arizona Municipal Water Users Association

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Recovery Planning

Policies for Recovery Planning
The Recovery Planning process will determine how water stored underground by the Arizona Water Banking Authority (AWBA) will be "recovered" (pumped) and delivered to CAP Municipal and Industrial (M&I) subcontractors in years when there are shortages of CAP water. Because the AMWUA members are the largest M&I subcontractors, they have the biggest stake in the development of policies and plans that ensure their access to water during shortage years.

AWBA, the Central Arizona Water Conservation District, and the Arizona Department of Water Resources recently released a draft plan that discussed the future recovery of water stored by AWBA. The plan can be found here. The development of this plan was a significant step in planning for recovery of the AWBA's stored water.

Although the respective agencies have made progress in planning for recovery of the Water Bank's water, several key issues remain that create uncertainty for municipalities in their planning for inevitable shortages. AMWUA recently produced an analysis that outlines some of these key issues.

AMWUA's Water Bank Recovery Analysis can be found here.