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Arizona Municipal Water Users Association

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For thirty-five years, AMWUA has developed, produced, and shared conservation information, tools, messaging, training, and education. We supply knowledge that empowers individuals to make real changes that impact their lives and their community--altering the landscapes we live in, fostering stewardship of our resources, and ensuring sustainable water supplies for our future.

In the greater Phoenix area, up to 70% of residential water use isn't IN the home, it's outside, much of it going to water landscapes. Of course, in this enviable climate, our yards are an extension of our living spaces. With that in mind, AMWUA has created go-to resources to assist in creating and maintaining attractive, livable, water-efficient landscapes. Dig in...

Inside your home
Residents can save water, energy, and money by changing out less efficient fixtures and appliances and by taking simple, everyday steps. AMWUA, its member conservation offices, and partners offer a variety of incentives, information, and assistance to make it easy and cost effective. Learn more...


Water is an increasingly costly input for most businesses. Taking steps to understand water use in your facility, changing how water is used, and investing in more efficient fixtures and appliances can pay off quickly. View all...

Teachers and Students
Learning the value of water and how each of us play a role in protecting our resources is critical to ensuring the ongoing sustainability and quality of life of our communities. AMWUA and its members provide valuable teachers guides, programs, and games to help get the information into classrooms. Explore...

Contact a Conservation Professional
Each of the AMWUA member municipalities has water conservation professionals on staff and offers programs and resources tailored to their communities to assist their residents and businesses to manage their water use efficiently. Visit their web pages for community-specific information. And don't hesitate to contact them if you have questions--they'll be happy to help. Connect...

Regarding Sponsored Projects: It is AMWUA's policy to not pay indirect costs for an AMWUA sponsored program.

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