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Arizona Municipal Water Users Association

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Watering & Maintaining Your Landscape

Interactive Watering Guides

water conservation resource     Landscape Watering by the Numbers Guide

This online, interactive guide steps you through the process of figuring out how much your plants and grass need, how much water your system applies, and how to match them. This easy-to-use resource does the math so you don't have to (we love that).

Developed by conservation experts who work with homeowners every day, this guide takes the mystery out of watering desert landscapes.

water conservation resource     Watering Schedule Card

This at-a-glance scheduling card is a quick reference for how often to water your plants, trees, and turf by season. Very handy for resetting your irrigation controller.

For more detailed information and assistance, see the Landscape Watering by Numbers guide.

water conservation resource     Smart Home Water Guide

Outdoor leaks could be robbing your plants and turf of of the water they need. The Smart Home Water Guide will help you hunt down the the culprits.

More Information

water conservation resource     Landscape Water by the Numbers - print publication

The award-winning Landscape Watering by the Numbers publication is available in hard copy from your local water conservation office. All the great step-by-step information in the online version, in its original print form.

water conservation resource     Landscape Watering By the Numbers -- PDF

Prefer a PDF version of the Landscape Watering Guide? That's also an option.

water conservation resource     How to Tell If You Plants Are Over/Under Watered

The most common reason for plant failure in the desert? Over/under watering. Your plants could have a drinking problem. Know the signs.

water conservation resource     Classes, Workshops and Events

Valley-wide schedule of upcoming classes and workshops (most all are free). Learn how to design your landscape, operate your irrigation system, create container gardens, and much more.

water conservation resource     Get A Monthly Landscape Watering Reminder E-mail

How often should you water your trees? Summer grass in April? The City of Mesa will conveniently email you instructions each month, whether you're a resident or not. Nice!

water conservation resource     Desert Lawn Care (pdf)

The practical advice offered in this guide will help you maintain a healthy, beautiful and water-efficient lawn.

water conservation resource     Guia para el cuidado del jardin desértico

Siga los consejos fàciles y prácticas se ofrecen en esta guía para ayudarle a mantener un césped saludable, hermosa y eficiente del agua.

water conservation resource     What is a Smart Irrigation Controller?

Smart controllers automatically adjust watering schedules throughout the year, ensuring your plants get the right amount of water to stay healthy and avoiding over-watering. Learn more.

water conservation resource     Monthly & Yearly Maintenance of Your Irrigation System

Your irrigation system provides a life line to the plants in your landscape. Remember to include it in your regular maintenance routine. These tips will help.

water conservation resource     Guidelines for Landscape Drip Irrigation Systems

For the more technically inclined, this document addresses design standards for the design, construction, and maintenance of residential irrigation systems. Section 6 covers system maintenance.

water conservation resource     When to Prune Trees and Shrubs

A schedule of when and how to prune popular trees and plants for best results.