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Aug 30 2017Share

AMWUA Launches New Website

AMWUA enhances and expands online resources

Phoenix, Arizona - The first comprehensive redevelopment of in a decade has significantly improved the accessibility and usability of AMWUA’s information rich site.  AMWUA’s website has been a key resource for central Arizona water information since 1996.

The new site is mobile adapted, streamlined, and easy to navigate.  The design draws visitors to explore the content, to learn about the issues facing the AMWUA members, and to support the solutions that the association advocates.

The popular AMWUA blog is now integrated into the site, providing easy access to hundreds of posts on a diverse range of water related topics.  Visitors can explore an expanded issues section, which delivers more in-depth information on the many complex issues facing Phoenix area water providers.  The bill tracking section provides a well organized, at-a-glance summary of the bills AMWUA follows during Arizona’s legislative session.  AMWUA member staffs will appreciate the consolidated listing of public meetings and the ability to quickly search for past meeting materials.

The water conservation section of the website, now more appropriately titled, “What You Can Do,” has been simplified, allowing visitors to quickly scan for the information they are seeking, including guidance on finding and fixing leaks, rebates, landscaping resources, local workshops and events, contact information for local conservation professionals, and much more.

In the second phase of the site’s redevelopment, AMWUA’s plant selection database and landscape design guide will be completely redesigned.

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