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Jun 01 2023Share

AMWUA Statement - Phoenix AMA Groundwater Model Release

The AMWUA Cities are pleased that the Governor’s office has released the Phoenix AMA Groundwater Model. This is a critical step forward as we must continue our long history of securing and strengthening our water supplies while tackling challenges head-on to ensure we find innovative and sustainable solutions.

Safeguarding our groundwater supplies and sustaining our aquifers in the Phoenix AMA and across our state will benefit all of us and continue our long legacy of wise water stewardship. We cannot dodge or avoid the difficulty of grappling with groundwater issues, and we must make tough decisions and take bold action to ensure our communities can thrive for decades.

“These projections provide a critical roadmap for all water providers in the Phoenix AMA, which is vital to our collective resiliency as desert communities. We appreciate the Governor’s leadership in releasing this long-awaited groundwater tool,” stated Warren Tenney, AMWUA Executive Director. “The ten AMWUA cities, which serve over half of Arizona’s population, will continue to develop and thrive because they are not solely dependent on groundwater and have demonstrated they can meet the water demands of their communities, including projected growth over the next 100 years.”

Long-term planning and significant investments have well-positioned the AMWUA cities to be resilient in the face of challenges and less susceptible to problems identified by the groundwater model. The AMWUA cities continue to adapt, plan, and invest in a sustainable water future by pursuing advanced water purification systems, expanding infrastructure, and continually enhancing their conservation programs. 

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Sheri Trapp
Communications Manager, AMWUA


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