This web site is an interactive, on-line version of the book: Xeriscape: Landscaping with Style in the Arizona Desert, published in 2000. The original book was funded by the Arizona Department of Water Resources and created by Robin Stinnett (principal author). In an effort to expand and enhance the use of the book, AMWUA and ADWR collaborated to create this 2010 web-based version of the book.

Original Contributors:

Special thanks to: The Xeriscape Guide Advisory Committee for supporting this project and for providing information, text reviews and project guidance: Robyn Baker, City of Scottsdale; Lucy Bradley, Maricopa County Cooperative Extension; Donna DiFrancesco, City of Mesa; Cheryl Goar, Arizona Nursery Association; Lisa Helm, Arizona Municipal Water Users Association; Thom Hulen, Desert Botanical Garden; Mary Irish, Garden Writer; Heidi Koopman, Arizona Landscape Contractors Association; Kent Newland and Andy Terrey, City of Phoenix; David Schultz, City of Glendale; Jim Wheat, FASLA; Elaine Averitt and Marjie Risk, Arizona Department of Water Resources.

A subset of the Advisory Committee also served as the Working Group for this project: Robyn Baker, Donna DiFrancesco, Lisa Helm, Kent Newland, David Schultz, Elaine Averitt and Marjie Risk. They contributed to every aspect of the project including project planning and refinement, providing reference materials, selecting photographs for the guide, and providing technical expertise. Their support, dedication to the project, and countless hours of service were invaluable.


Landscape Professionals: Grant Boden, Grant Boden Design; Libby Davison, University of Arizona; Ron Dinchak, Mesa Community College; Greg Flanagan, G.K. Flanagan Associates; Jeff Lee, City of Mesa; Joanne Littlefield and Terry Mikel, Maricopa County Cooperative Extension; Judy Mielke, Logan, Simpson Design; Jeff Nichols, Elgin Nursery; Steve Priebe, City of Phoenix; Janet Rademacher, Mountain States Nursery; Mike Rockwell, Azul-Verde Design Group, Inc.; Jeff Sargent, Tetra Tech; Selby Saubolle, Poco Verde Landscaping; Patsy Waterfall, Pima County Cooperative Extension-Low 4 Program. Homeowners: Debrah Dejardin, Betsy Dichter, Mary Engbrecht, Brenda Hammond, Virginia Hedlesky, Barbara Homan, Kathy Glass, John Kent, Andy Kurtz, Don Lewis, Tim Lukasik, Dave Parkin, Michelle Peters, Bernard Peterson, Lori Rogers, Bill Tatum, Greg Thorell, Richard Williams. Development Community: Gary Carlson, M/I Homes.


Thanks also to:
Donna DiFrancesco for providing information on plant stress, staking, and the watering schedule for new plants; David Schultz, Andy Terrey and Jeff Lee for providing information on drip irrigation systems; University of Arizona/Cooperative Extension staff Lucy Bradley, Patsy Waterfall, Della Fletcher, Libby Davison and the late Jimmy Tipton for providing information on plant pruning, fertilizing and staking; the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension and artist, Linda Lucz-Hatfield, for granting permission to use the planting, pruning, scoring and staking diagrams created originally for the brochure, Care of Desert Adapted Plants.

Print Version Principal Author and Project Manager: Robin Stinnett, Human Productivity Center, Phoenix, Arizona.

This guide was produced with funds from the State of Arizona Department of Water Resources Conservation Assistance Fund. This document is not intended to be used as legally binding design, construction or maintenance standards. The author of this document and the Arizona Department of Water Resources assume no responsibility for damages, financial or otherwise, which may reesult from the use of these guidelines.

The use of any specific type, model or brand of product or material in this guide should not be presumed to represent a promotion or endorsement of said product or material by the Arizona Department of Water Resources, its agents or representatives.

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