Tall, linear fencepost cactus is the focal point of this diversly planted landscape.
Low-maintenance plants and rip-rap stabilize and adorn the slope around this backyard entertainment area.

This raised bed planting area is an attractive, water-efficient way to grow vegetables. Like the rest of the yard, it is watered with a drip system.
A small water feature surrounded by desert plants (Autumn Sage - red, Desert Marigold - yellow, and Parry

This space serves as an entertainment area and a play area. The convertible shade structure allows for sun during the cooler months and provides shade during the warmer times of year.
Seat cushions and Mexican tile add color to this back yard Xeriscape.

The Xeriscape principles at work - the site drawing, landscape plan and irrigation system shown in this guide yielded this colorful Xeriscape perfectly suited to the homeowners
The cement walkway provides a smooth surface and a tailored look. The flagstone walkway below compliments the natural look of the landscape and provides water harvesting potential for adjacent plants.
To conserve water, keep water features and turf areas small as demonstrated in this lovely back yard Xeriscape.
The plants in this newly installed landscape may look a bit lonely at first ... but after a few years, the plants will have grown and matured.
A nice combination of perennial and wildflowers offer year-round color.
Annuals and perennials in planters can provide seasonal color.
A variety of different agaves grow in the shade of a mesquite tree. Agaves and spiderwort provide a rainbow of color in their leaves and stems.
The flagstone pathway and the walled-in front patio define the structure and planting areas of this yard.
A colorful, low-maintenance Xeriscape.
The stabilized pathway made of very fine decomposed granite bisects planting areas covered with larger-sized granite mulch. Boulders lend a nice touch.
Natural-looking planting mounds include well-placed boulders and top dressing of decomposed granite.
Summer color in this urban Xeriscape - Texas Ebony (tree), Red Bird of Paradise (shrub/right), Lantana (groundcover), Petite Oleander (shrub/left)
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