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AZ Daily Star: Arizona
AZ Daily Star: Arizona's new water rush raising tensionsPosted: f/20/2015

CA & AZ farmers pushing to drill wells, pump unregulated water in Cochise Co, triggering intense rivalries.

KJZZ: Could This Year
KJZZ: Could This Year's El Nino Solve Arizona's Drought?Posted: f/25/2015

While predictions for this year's El Nino are big, it won't solve the drought.

Daily Star Guest Opinion: Tucson
Daily Star Guest Opinion: Tucson's water strategy ensures a secure futurePosted: f/25/2015

Mayor Rothschild: "I'm grateful for what Tucson has done to secure a safe and sustainable water supply."

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Kathleen Ferris
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El Rio: Cities Work To Restore Gila River Beauty
Posted on 07/27/2015
Salt cedar is a bushy, invasive tree that can change the face of a landscape in a dangerous way. Three West Valley cities and Maricopa County are pushing to eradicate as much salt cedar as possible along an 18-mile stretch of the Gila Riverbed. Once destroyed, the goal is to replace the […]
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Gilbert: Irrigation Experts Save Millions Of Gallons Of Water
Posted on 07/20/2015
There are 11 neighborhoods in the Town of Gilbert where residents have collectively saved 135 million gallons of water over five years. This achievement didn’t happen by accident. About 25 years ago, these neighborhoods were organized into “Parkway Improvement Districts” or PKIDS. Instead of forming a homeowners association, the communities turned over […]
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Arizona: Where Flushing Keeps The Lights On
Posted on 07/13/2015
Arizona has a reputation for crazy ideas. Sometimes those crazy ideas are just crazy and sometimes they turn into marvels. Take, for example, this crazy idea from 1969: Arizona knew a population boom was coming and it didn’t have enough power for the number of people and industries on their way. That’s […]
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Job Posting:  AMWUA Water Policy Analyst Job Posting: AMWUA Water Policy Analyst
A unique opportunity to work on the major water issues of our time and learn from experienced professionals. Learn more.

Current Issues Current Issues
AMWUA champions the interests of its members in water management. Learn about the issues that are currently at the top of our agenda.

Moving Forward: the Future of the Colorado River Moving Forward: the Future of the Colorado River
AMWUA played an important role in the recent Moving Forward effort, a collaborative effort to identify solutions to address the challenges ahead.

July Is Smart Irrigation Month July Is Smart Irrigation Month
It's hot. And dry. Landscape irrigation is peaking, and so is your water bill. Learn how to water efficiently and keep your landscape looking great.

Rebates Make Efficiency Worth Your While Rebates Make Efficiency Worth Your While
Upgrading your landscape, bathroom or kitchen? Many cities offer rebates to help make your home more water efficient in the process.

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