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Glendale begins water storage program
Glendale begins water storage programPosted: f/30/2015

The city of Glendale is partnering with CAP to store water that could be used in times of Colorado River shortages.

CAP General Manager announces retirement
CAP General Manager announces retirementPosted: f/27/2015

David Modeer, General Manager of the Central Arizona Project, announces that he will retire April 30th.

West Valley View: Drought does not equal water shortage
West Valley View: Drought does not equal water shortagePosted: f/24/2015

AMWUA Director David Iwanski explains that smart policy, investment, and careful water management have prepared central Arizona to weather extended drought.

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Kathleen Ferris
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Drought Smart: 6 Things You Can Learn About Water In 6 Minutes
Posted on 03/30/2015
AMWUA member cities are focused on keeping water flowing in and out of your homes and businesses day in and day out. At AMWUA, we’re all about solutions. Always have been. It’s our job. We’re also well aware of how easy it is for many people to throw up their hands, bury […]
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WaterSense: High Performance That Saves Water And Money
Posted on 03/23/2015
Do you remember the old low-flow shower heads? Some of them were awful, weren’t they? Those old shower heads began to give water-efficient fixtures an image problem that was hard to shake. The U.S. Congress mandated more water-efficient household fixtures and appliances in 1994. It was an effective law that made a […]
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Cities Store Water To Keep Taps Flowing Come (No) Rain or Shine
Posted on 03/16/2015
The desert is not a place where water is taken for granted. In desert cities, water must be managed. Each of the AMWUA member cities has a water management plan and part of that plan is storing water. The water would be used during times of Colorado River shortages, such as those […]
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AMWUA Opposes HB 2570 AMWUA Opposes HB 2570
HB 2570 would have significant consequences for municipal water conservation efforts to encourage water-efficient landscaping.

Kathleen Ferris on the "State-of-the-State" for the Arizona Law Conference Kathleen Ferris on the "State-of-the-State" for the Arizona Law Conference
Nine water issues - will it take a crisis to resolve them?

AMWUA Proposes Changes to Better Manage Stored Water AMWUA Proposes Changes to Better Manage Stored Water
We must ensure that water stored underground is protected for use in the future by those who have made the investment to put it there.

April is Water Awareness Month April is Water Awareness Month
AMWUA is pleased to partner with ADWR to share events, tips, information and resources about Arizona's water resources throughout the month.

Landscaping in the Desert Landscaping in the Desert
Free classes, step-by-step guides, and money-saving rebates to help you build and maintain a beautiful, water-smart landscape.

Smart Home Water Guide Website Smart Home Water Guide Website
We're making it even easier to find leaks and save money with our new mobile-adapted website!