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AZCentral Our View: Peru
AZCentral Our View: Peru's water lesson for ArizonaPosted: f/29/2015

Peru is losing snowpack, like Arizona, but there are things we can do to slow the retreat.

AZCentral: Early snowmelt on the Rockies threaten
AZCentral: Early snowmelt on the Rockies threaten's AZ's water supplyPosted: f/30/2015

Mountain peaks that store crucial moisture are getting less and less of it.

AZCentral Our View: Let
AZCentral Our View: Let's not make California's water mistakePosted: f/23/2015

It would be dangerous to become as complacent as California once was.

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Kathleen Ferris
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You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure
Posted on 08/31/2015
Some U.S. cities and towns still don’t use water meters. Instead, the overall cost of delivering water and sewer services is tallied every month and divided by the number of customers. A homeowner may be using half the amount of water as his neighbor, but each pays the same flat monthly rate. […]
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Water Bill Too High? Cities Offer Free Water Audits
Posted on 08/24/2015
Homeowners are quick to blame water meters when their water bills escalate. Water meters can malfunction, but an overcharge is rare. Water meters usually slow down with age. That means a faulty meter is more likely to undercharge, not overcharge, homeowners for the water they’ve used. That’s why cities keep water meters […]
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Watering: Every Desert Landscape’s Beauty Secrets Revealed
Posted on 08/17/2015
So you’ve selected desert-adapted plants and trees and installed a beautiful water-saving landscape. The key to maintaining your landscape’s health, beauty, and longevity is watering correctly. Getting the watering wrong is the most common cause of plant failure in the desert. Not surprising, really. Watering desert landscaping is a bit of a […]
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Current Issues Current Issues
AMWUA champions the interests of its members in water management. Learn about the issues that are currently at the top of our agenda.

Moving Forward: the Future of the Colorado River Moving Forward: the Future of the Colorado River
AMWUA played an important role in the recent Moving Forward effort, a collaborative effort to identify solutions to address the challenges ahead.

Guides to Make Your Landscape Thrive Guides to Make Your Landscape Thrive
Three step-by-step online guides for selecting, installing, and maintaining your landscape, PLUS rebates, free classes, and more. All in one place.

Rebates Make Efficiency Worth Your While Rebates Make Efficiency Worth Your While
Upgrading your landscape, bathroom or kitchen? Many cities offer rebates to help make your home more water efficient in the process.

Smart Home Water Guide Website Smart Home Water Guide Website
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