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Bloomberg Business Week: US official airs
Bloomberg Business Week: US official airs 'myths' on Colorado River waterPosted: f/30/2014

Myths stand in the way of agreements needed to deal with increasing demand for water in the Colorado River basin

Channel 8 Horizon, Arizona
Channel 8 Horizon, Arizona's Future: Strategic Water PlanPosted: f/25/2014

ADWR director Michael Lacey discusses implementation of strategies to meet the state's future water needs.

AZCentral: 5 reasons to panic about Arizona
AZCentral: 5 reasons to panic about Arizona's water, and 5 reasons not toPosted: f/11/2014

If the Golden State was shutting down its sprinklers, was the whole West about to dry up and blow away?

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Kathleen Ferris
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More scientists showing up in bathrooms this school year
Posted on 09/01/2014
If your kids are spending even more time in the bathroom this school year, they may be doing homework. Really. The homework is part of the Water Investigations Program, a yearlong learning adventure that brings science into students’ homes and takes students out to rivers and wetlands. It is the program’s fourth […]
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Rio Salado Habitat: Wildlife Sanctuary Created From Wasteland
Posted on 08/25/2014
In 2000 the City of Phoenix began digging piles of trash, tires, appliances, and hulks of old cars out of a 5-mile section of the Salt Riverbed that had served as a dump for decades. Today, the Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area is a 600-acre park with 39 acres of marshlands, 200 […]
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Time For Low-Flow Toilets To Take A Bow
Posted on 08/18/2014
Back when George H. W. Bush was president, the U.S. Congress passed a law that has helped the country conserve its water supply as we face drought and climate change. There was nothing glamorous about the law, but its impact was dramatic. The law, written and championed by Massachusetts engineer Amy Vickers, […]
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Kathleen Ferris on the "State-of-the-State" for the Arizona Law Conference Kathleen Ferris on the "State-of-the-State" for the Arizona Law Conference
Nine water issues - will it take a crisis to resolve them?

AMWUA Releases 2014 Legislative Summary AMWUA Releases 2014 Legislative Summary
The recently completed legislative session had many twists and turns that affected AMWUA members. For in depth review and analysis, click here.

AMWUA Proposes Changes to Better Manage Stored Water AMWUA Proposes Changes to Better Manage Stored Water
We must ensure that water stored underground is protected for use in the future by those who have made the investment to put it there.

Planning Your Landscape Planning Your Landscape
Summer is the perfect time to plan your landscape. Our design guide simplifies the process and provides inspiration, tips, and resources.

Landscaping in the Desert Landscaping in the Desert
Free classes, step-by-step guides, and money-saving rebates to help you build and maintain a beautiful, water-smart landscape.