AMWUA’s member cities promote water conservation with both students and teachers by providing a variety of programs for the classroom, working with the schools to ensure teaching time is preserved and existing math and science teaching goals are met. Most of these programs are provided at no charge through local water conservation offices or the Arizona Department of Water Resources.

Project WET (Water Education for Teachers)

Project WET is an interdisciplinary water education program for educators and students, ages 5 to 18. The curriculum covers the properties of water, the water cycle, watersheds, groundwater, water quality, water rights, as well as an understanding of the importance of water to all water users. It is designed to support the Arizona Department of Education standards for Science and other areas. 

Water in Our Desert Community

AMWUA’s Water In Our Desert Community curriculum provides teachers and students with information about central Arizona's water supply, water demand, and the importance of wise water management in the Desert Southwest. It strengthens the teachers' and students' awareness of the social, economic and environmental impact water management has on all water users in Arizona.  Contact the AMWUA office to receive a copy of the curriculum.

Abracadabra Productions

Since 1989, magicians from Abracadabra Productions have been making water disappear and reappear, putting enchantment into water conservation for kindergarteners through fifth graders. Abracadabra's main goal is to increase the efficient use of water while strengthening the awareness of the social, economic, and environmental impact water management has on all of Arizona.  In 2014, Abracadabra presented 149 magic shows for 29,000 students and teachers. Contact Kathy Whalen 623-266-1157 for more information.  

The Great Arizona Puppet Theater

For 20-plus years, the Great Arizona Puppet Theater has helped students learn about conservation with the help of water-smart puppets Drip and Zoner, presenting "Zoner and the Drip" for 1st through 3rd grade students and "Zoner and the Water Cycle" for 4th and 5th grades, reaching more than 10,000 students in 2014.

Girl Scouts Water Conservation Patch

Arizona Cactus-Pine Council and the University of Arizona recognize the importance of water conservation with a Water Conservation Patch and encourage Girl Scouts of all ages to become aware of opportunities for water conservation.