Management Board

The Management Board, comprising city and town managers and utility directors, is a formal body established by the AMWUA Bylaws to make recommendations to the Board of Directors. It is customary for the Executive Director to take proposed policy decisions to the Management Board before they are discussed with the Board of Directors.

Mr. Kevin Artz, Chairman
Assistant City Manager
City of Avondale


Mr. John Knudson, Vice-Chairman
Municipal Utilities Director
City of Chandler

Mr. Brian Biesemeyer
Water Director
City of Scottsdale

Mr. Craig Johnson
Water Services Director
City of Glendale


Ms. Jessica Marlow, P.E.
Public Works Director
Town of Gilbert

Ms. Karen Peters
Deputy City Manager
City of Phoenix


Ms. Holly Rosenthal
Public Works Deputy Director - Water Utilities Division
City of Tempe

Mr. Javier Setovich
Public Works Director
City of Goodyear

Mr. Mike Weber
Deputy Public Works—Utilities Director
City of Peoria

Mr. Jake West
Water Resources Director
City of Mesa

Technical Advisory Groups

The Technical Advisory Groups provide input and guidance to the Executive Director and the Board of Directors.

Water Resources Advisory Group

The Water Resources Advisory Group comprises water resources planners, policy advisors, and managers. The WRAG meets regularly to vet information, share viewpoints, discuss strategies, and attempt to reach unified positions for recommendation to the Executive Director. This group focuses on the development and analysis of water policy and supply management strategies.

Conservation Committee

The Conservation Committee includes member staffs as well as partner representatives from the Arizona Department of Water Resources, the Bureau of Reclamation, CAP, SRP, Tucson Water, city of Flagstaff, and the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension. The Committee shares information, discusses issues, and facilitates cooperation and coordination in the development and implementation of regional water efficiency, conservation, and sustainability efforts.