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Jul 03 2017Share

UA News: "Take that to the Bank: How Arizona Plans Its Water Use"
Jun 26 2017Share

12News: 2 Arizona towns are short on water. Could Phoenix join them?
Jun 14 2017Share

AZ Central: Phoenix approves water-conservation deal with Gila River tribal leaders and federal agencies
Jun 14 2017Share

AZWaterNews: Feds now see Lake Mead levels sinking 20 feet lower by 2019 than predicted just last month
May 25 2017Share

AZWater News: Prescott communities throw "sensational" coming out party for groundwater documentary
May 22 2017Share

Prescott Daily Courier: Diverse interests came together in 1980 to pass Arizona's groundwater law
May 19 2017Share

AZWater News: Reports & studies supportive of draining Lake Powell overlook a few details
May 17 2017Share

Prescott Daily Courier: Before they can develop, they must have water
Apr 27 2017Share

AZCentral Our View: Bad bill undermines Arizona's good water law
Apr 27 2017Share

ADWR Director Buschatzke: Central Arizona Water Conservation District plan is a risky gambit