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Mar 04 2016Share

Daily Star: El Nino hasn't helped Colorado River Basin much
Mar 03 2016Share

ASU Now: Future of the Colorado River Basin
Feb 24 2016Share

AZCentral Our Turn: 2 bills undermine Arizona's water supply
Feb 21 2016Share

AZCentral: Our View: 2 bills could drain Arizona water - to help a developer
Feb 16 2016Share

AZCentral: Are there cracks forming in Arizona's 100-year water supply rule?
Feb 14 2016Share

NY Times Editorial: Fixing Our Broken Water Systems
Feb 12 2016Share

Daily Star, Opinion, Kirsten Engel: Keeping Arizona from being the next Flint
Feb 09 2016Share

KJZZ: Arizona Lawmakers Pass Bill To Ease Groundwater Regulations In Some Cities, Towns
Feb 01 2016Share

KJZZ: Arizona Considers Changing Regulations On Groundwater Pumping
Jan 21 2016Share

KJZZ: How Cities Are Influencing Water Policy