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Advancing Water Conservation Through Collaboration and Innovation

By AMWUA Staff

Water challenges exist from coast to coast but vary based on environmental circumstances such as drought, climate, and local water sources. However, the common goal of developing and adopting water-efficient programs and policies continues to unite industry professionals around the country. Collaboration among water professionals remains key to achieving efficiency and deepening the conservation ethic in our nation.

Last week over 500 of these industry professionals gathered at the WaterSmart Innovations Conference, and Expo (WSI) in Las Vegas to further enhance that collaboration by discussing a wide array of conservation practices, technology, and policies, share best practices, and discuss common water challenges. WSI is the largest urban water-efficiency conference of its kind globally, which is why AMWUA and many member municipalities have been a part of the event since its inception back in 2007. It enables conservation professionals to connect in an atmosphere of networking, collaboration and learning how to enhance water efficiency and find sustainability solutions as we collectively face ever-evolving water challenges.

Throughout the two-day event, attendees engaged in conversations on using the latest technology to enhance efficiency and options on expanding programs and tools available to residents and businesses in their communities. During the expansive range of sessions and workshops, attendees shared innovative ideas, engaged in passionate discussions about the impact of conservation across the country, water demand trends. Plus, the keynote presentation was a sobering message on how climate change would influence the dynamics of water supply and virtually every other aspect of our terrestrial environment.

In addition to the workshops and break-out sessions available at WSI, attendees spent time in an expo of water-saving technologies and programs from around the country. The expo allows industry experts to showcase their newest water-efficient technology while cities and organizations such as AMWUA take part to highlight the local conservation programs, resources, and tools being utilized here in the Valley.

Overall the event was a success and inspiring to those who attended. Challenges may lay ahead, but this continued collaboration highlights the passion among water professionals from across the country. In the end, it's about having shared goals for the common good and advancing water conservation, so we all become a little more water smart.

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