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Apr 02 2024
The importance of being water aware in our arid climate
Mar 26 2024
One good winter is no longer good enough
Mar 19 2024
It’s simple and easy: Fix leaks to save water and money
Mar 12 2024
Test Your Knowledge with the Assured Water Supply Challenge
Mar 05 2024
Service areas have played an important role in Arizona for over a century
Feb 27 2024
Water Service Areas are an Essential Institution for Managing Water Resources
Feb 20 2024
Trees matter and play an impactful role in our desert communities
Feb 13 2024
We Thrive in our State’s Unique Landscape Because of Wise Water Management
Feb 06 2024
Create Your Outdoor Plan for Spring Utilizing Free Classes and Resources
Jan 30 2024
Advanced Water Purification Will Boost Our Safe Drinking Water Supplies
Jan 23 2024
Multiple water sources bring resiliency for 3.7 million people in the AMWUA Cities
Jan 16 2024
We all play a part in preventing stormwater pollution
Jan 09 2024
Municipal Water Providers Play a Crucial Role in Ensuring Arizona Prospers
Jan 02 2024
What Does it Mean Now that the Colorado River is in a Tier 1 Shortage?
Dec 26 2023
Explaining All Aspects of Water in Arizona Through 500 Blogs
Dec 19 2023
Be kind to your drains this holiday season
Dec 12 2023
Expanding Conservation Efforts Brings Results
Dec 05 2023
Help to Make Your Landscape a Smartscape
Nov 28 2023
A defined look at Arizona water terminology
Nov 21 2023
Don’t Mortgage Our Future by Weakening Assured Water Supply Requirements
Nov 14 2023
Grass facts to help you re-evaluate your yard
Nov 07 2023
Advanced Water Purification is an attainable water solution
Oct 31 2023
Cities are doing their part to protect the Colorado River
Oct 24 2023
Adapting our Water Planning and Habits to our Changing Climate
Oct 17 2023
The vital role water plays in our lives
Oct 10 2023
WaterSmart Innovations Highlights the Importance of Conservation Initiatives and Programs
Oct 03 2023
Fall is the Prime Time to Plan, Prep, and Plant
Sep 26 2023
Collaboration Through a Unique Partnership Called SROG
Sep 19 2023
It takes a team of heroes to keep water flowing
Sep 12 2023
Rethink that winter lawn and skip overseeding for multiple benefits
Sep 05 2023
Addressing groundwater challenges brings long-term benefits
Aug 29 2023
How to be a responsible flusher
Aug 22 2023
The Colorado River continues to be impacted by a hotter and drier climate despite wet winter
Aug 15 2023
Reclamation Confirms a Tier 1 Colorado River Shortage for 2024
Aug 08 2023
With this heat, we give extra thanks for our safe, clean, and accessible water supplies
Aug 01 2023
Minimize the Impact of Extreme Weather on Your Landscape
Jul 25 2023
Robust Rebate Programs Help Residents Increase Water Savings
Jul 18 2023
Wildfires bring devastation that also impacts your water
Jul 11 2023
AMWUA cities have the water supplies for wise development
Jul 04 2023
Proper watering habits will ensure your landscape remains healthy throughout the summer
Jun 27 2023
Properly prep your yard for the new monsoon season to minimize damage
Jun 20 2023
Groundwater model does not mean we are running out of water despite the headlines
Jun 13 2023
Ways to keep your pool waterwise as temperatures rise
Jun 06 2023
Phoenix AMA Model is an important tool for proactively managing our groundwater and ensuring responsible growth
May 30 2023
Mother Nature Helps to Negotiate Colorado River Deal
May 23 2023
Governor’s Water Policy Council tasked with finding policy solutions to water challenges
May 16 2023
Maintaining and upgrading infrastructure is critical to the reliability of water systems
May 09 2023
Arizona water professionals protect, manage, and deliver an essential service
May 02 2023
The importance of investing in conservation
Apr 25 2023
Winter snowpack brings short-term relief but doesn’t change the trajectory of the Colorado River
Apr 18 2023
Reclamation pressures Basin States to find collaborative solutions to protect the Colorado River
Apr 11 2023
Takeaways from water flowing in the normally dry Salt River
Apr 04 2023
The keys to a water-wise yard: Maintain your irrigation system and water deeply no more than twice a week
Mar 28 2023
Outdoor Water Efficiency Starts with a Suitable Landscape
Mar 21 2023
Finding and Fixing Leaks: A Simple but Important Water-Saving Task
Mar 14 2023
Water releases from Verde River create storage capacity and protect Dam as runoff increases
Mar 07 2023
Will this wet winter solve our water challenges and drought?
Feb 28 2023
Celebrating Arizona's Natural Diversity While Embracing the Challenges of our Arid Climate
Feb 21 2023
Free Conservation Classes, Rebates, and Resources to Save Water and Money
Feb 14 2023
Arizona is third in the nation for statewide conservation policies
Feb 07 2023
Community leaders discuss current water challenges and commit to finding solutions
Jan 31 2023
100-Year Assured Water Supply Designation Better Positions Communities to Face Challenges
Jan 24 2023
Our actions have an impact on preventing stormwater pollution
Jan 17 2023
Collaboratively developing solutions for our water challenges must be a priority
Jan 10 2023
What you need to know about the Colorado River as we enter a Tier 2a Shortage
Jan 03 2023
Recycled Water: A safe and sustainable water supply option
Dec 27 2022
A defined look at water terminology
Dec 20 2022
The need for urgent action emphasized at Colorado River conference
Dec 13 2022
The impact of Arizona’s long conservation history
Dec 06 2022
Trees play a vital role in our communities
Nov 29 2022
Accounting for evaporation and system losses needs to be part of managing the Colorado River
Nov 22 2022
Avoid a clog with proper disposal of holiday FOG
Nov 16 2022
Water agencies unite to reduce demands on the Colorado River
Nov 08 2022
Water is critical to our communities, health, safety, and overall survival
Nov 01 2022
As temperatures drop, so should your outdoor watering
Oct 25 2022
Cities understand the importance of providing accurate information on the Colorado River shortage to their communities
Oct 18 2022
Expanding Conservation Through WaterSmart Innovations
Oct 11 2022
Colorado River Crisis Increases Importance of Managing Groundwater Supplies
Oct 04 2022
Education Guide to Inform Voters and Raise Awareness on the CAP Board Election
Sep 27 2022
The limited benefits of our monsoon season
Sep 20 2022
Rethink your winter lawn and skip overseeding to save water, money, and time
Sep 13 2022
A long-term strategy is needed for the Colorado River in addition to addressing current woes
Sep 06 2022
Access to safe and clean water is essential to all aspects of life
Aug 30 2022
Simple ways to become more water-wise
Aug 23 2022
Decisive leadership is needed to avert a looming disaster on the Colorado River
Aug 16 2022
A Tier 2a Shortage is confirmed, but uncertainty remains
Aug 09 2022
Cities continue to prepare amidst uncertainty surrounding the Colorado River
Aug 02 2022
Is grass or artificial turf the right choice for your yard?
Jul 26 2022
Steps to increase water efficiency and make your home water smart
Jul 19 2022
Understanding Potable Reuse – A vital water supply solution
Jul 12 2022
Prepare your yard for the monsoon season to prevent damage and water waste
Jul 05 2022
Wildfires impact our watershed and the quality of our water
Jun 28 2022
Historic investment in Arizona’s water future is an important starting point
Jun 21 2022
Drastic reductions are needed to protect the Colorado River
Jun 14 2022
Why water conservation matters in our communities
Jun 07 2022
Drought and Shortage Preparedness Plans: A tool for managing water supplies
May 31 2022
The AMWUA cities are strategically preparing for a future with less Colorado River water
May 24 2022
Phoenix's Blue Bank Partnership fosters innovation in water conservation
May 17 2022
Investing in infrastructure is a continual priority to ensure reliable and resilient water systems
May 10 2022
The latest key takeaways on the evolving Colorado River situation
May 03 2022
Efficient and effective outdoor watering is a key component of conservation in the desert
Apr 26 2022
What’s impacting the conditions on the Colorado River?
Apr 19 2022
Water is essential, and so are the professionals that provide it
Apr 12 2022
Colorado River shortage intensifying with Lake Powell under stress
Apr 05 2022
Being water aware helps us thrive in the desert
Mar 29 2022
Goodyear expands water portfolio with new surface water treatment facility
Mar 22 2022
Access to infrastructure funding crucial for water providers in Arizona
Mar 15 2022
Investing in Arizona’s Water Future is Crucial, but Let’s do it Right
Mar 08 2022
What is the Arizona Water Authority?
Mar 01 2022
Guiding principles for augmentation discussions
Feb 22 2022
Key questions about augmentation
Feb 15 2022
Create your own beautiful, sustainable, and water-efficient landscape by utilizing free classes and resources
Feb 08 2022
Engaged elected officials are a key component of AMWUA's leadership
Feb 01 2022
Water conservation ethic more effective than short-term restrictions
Jan 25 2022
We all play a part in keeping our water safe and clean
Jan 18 2022
A Key Infrastructure Bill Introduced at Arizona’s Legislature
Jan 11 2022
Safeguarding our water must be a priority for legislators
Jan 04 2022
Tier 1 Shortage has arrived; Cities are ready, but the work is far from over
Dec 28 2021
Reflecting on a Busy Year in Water
Dec 20 2021
Arizona a Key Contributor to the Latest Plan to Preserve Lake Mead
Dec 13 2021
How the Colorado River Shortage Will Impact Arizona
Dec 06 2021
Caring for Your Landscape When the Weather Cools
Nov 29 2021
Taking the Mystery out of Arizona Water Through 400 Multifarious Blogs
Nov 22 2021
Say no to FOG to Avoid a Clog This Holiday Season
Nov 15 2021
Lower Basin States Plan Action for Critical Time on the Colorado River
Nov 08 2021
Instilling Water Stewardship in the Next Generation
Nov 01 2021
Scottsdale Water Celebrates 50th Anniversary with the Dedication of Groundwater Treatment Facility
Oct 25 2021
Protecting the Colorado River with System Conservation
Oct 18 2021
Gilbert’s Water Budget Program Recognized with Outstanding Industry Partnership Award
Oct 11 2021
Advancing Water Conservation Through Collaboration and Innovation
Oct 04 2021
The Phoenix Water Wrangler Institute Program is Recruiting Conservation Volunteers
Sep 27 2021
Cities Helping Farmers Impacted by Shortage
Sep 20 2021
In Appreciation of all our Water Heroes
Sep 13 2021
Now is the Prime Time to Prep and Plan for Fall
Sep 06 2021
Developing Conservation Tools and Resources a Priority for Cities
Aug 30 2021
Diverse Water Supplies Strengthen our Resiliency
Aug 23 2021
Conservation is a Long-Term Commitment
Aug 16 2021
Colorado River Reductions Confirmed for 2022
Aug 09 2021
Tier 1 Shortage: What Does it Mean for us Here in Arizona?
Aug 02 2021
How the Cities Have Prepared for a Tier 1 Shortage
Jul 26 2021
Ensuring Water Quality is a Multifaceted Responsibility
Jul 19 2021
Smart Irrigation Increases Outdoor Water Efficiency
Jul 12 2021
Legislative Session Highlights Importance of Investing in Water
Jul 05 2021
Get your Yard Monsoon Ready
Jun 28 2021
Responsible Water Management Brings Reliability Despite Colorado River Challenges
Jun 21 2021
Protecting our Storm Drains, Safeguards our Water
Jun 14 2021
Colorado River Shortage Highlights the Importance of Improved Groundwater Management
Jun 07 2021
The Critical Impact of Wildfires on Water
May 31 2021
How to be Efficient and Effective with Your Outdoor Watering
May 24 2021
Outdoor Water Efficiency Begins with a Well-Designed Landscape
May 17 2021
How Drought and Shortage Differ
May 10 2021
A Time to Celebrate Tap Water
May 03 2021
Planning for the Long-Term, Eliminates the Need for Restrictions in the Short-Term
Apr 26 2021
Arizona’s Long Legacy of Conservation Benefits us all
Apr 19 2021
A Colorado River Shortage is not a Surprise
Apr 12 2021
Raising Water Awareness
Apr 05 2021
Celebrating the Dedication of Arizona Water Professionals
Mar 29 2021
Recharge and Replenishment – What’s the difference?
Mar 22 2021
Arizona Continues its Legacy of Confronting Water Challenges Head-on
Mar 15 2021
Eliminating Leaks Today, Ensures Water for Tomorrow
Mar 08 2021
Availability and Delivery of Water is a Collaborative Process
Mar 01 2021
Create a Stunning, Low-Maintenance Landscape
Feb 22 2021
Improving Recovery of Stored Water for a Drier Future
Feb 15 2021
Appreciating Arizona's Unique Landscape While Embracing the Challenges
Feb 08 2021
Being Prepared for Limited Rain and Snow
Feb 01 2021
To Prune or Not to Prune
Jan 25 2021
Only Rain in the Storm Drain
Jan 18 2021
Leading Through Collaboration and Cooperation
Jan 11 2021
Water a Continued Priority for 2021
Jan 04 2021
Calculate Your Water Use – Indoors and Out
Dec 28 2020
Recapping the Year in Water
Dec 21 2020
Be Water Smart This Holiday Season
Dec 14 2020
Vetting Forum Creates Platform for Conversations and Collaboration
Dec 07 2020
Protect your Plants from the Cool Desert Nights
Nov 30 2020
Accounting for Every Drop of Water
Nov 23 2020
Don't Strain Your Drain This Holiday Season
Nov 16 2020
Taking a Hard Look at Reaching Safe-Yield
Nov 09 2020
The Importance of Recycled Water in the Desert
Nov 02 2020
Creating a Sustainable Nation Through Innovation
Oct 26 2020
Fall is the Ideal Time to Plant Wisely and Water More Efficiently
Oct 19 2020
Appreciating the Value of Water
Oct 12 2020
Underground Storage: How it Works and Why it Matters
Oct 05 2020
Make Your Landscape a Smartscape
Sep 28 2020
Let's Keep Talking About Water
Sep 21 2020
Thanks to our Water Heroes
Sep 14 2020
Healthy Infrastructure Makes our Communities Stronger
Sep 07 2020
A Defined Look at Water in Arizona
Aug 31 2020
Keeping Your Water Safe, Clean, and Protected
Aug 24 2020
Protect Your Landscape During Extreme Weather
Aug 17 2020
Study Gauges Health of the Colorado River System
Aug 10 2020
New Tool for Landscaping in the Arizona Desert
Aug 03 2020
Water Conservation Staffs Adapt Programs for Safety and Convenience
Jul 27 2020
Regardless of Circumstances Cities are Always Planning
Jul 20 2020
Smart Irrigation Brings Multiple Benefits
Jul 13 2020
Arizona’s New Digital and Interactive Water Encyclopedia
Jul 06 2020
Drought is Part of Arizona’s Reality
Jun 29 2020
Understanding and Evaluating Safe-yield – Part Two
Jun 22 2020
Understanding and Evaluating Safe-yield – Part One
Jun 15 2020
Groundwater Management Act: The Next 40 Years
Jun 08 2020
Wildfires Impact on our Water
Jun 01 2020
Text Alert Takes Guess Work Out of Watering
May 25 2020
Celebrating Wetlands in the Desert
May 18 2020
The Link Between How and Where We Use Water
May 11 2020
The Importance of Trees
May 04 2020
Drinking Water Week: A Time to Celebrate Safe Water
Apr 27 2020
We Must all Flush Responsibly
Apr 20 2020
Study Projects Colorado River System Levels for Next two Years
Apr 13 2020
Arizona Water Professionals: Dedicated to Protecting, Managing and Delivering an Essential Service
Apr 06 2020
The Importance of Being Water Aware
Mar 30 2020
Proper Planning Will Transform Your Yard and Create a Perfect Landscape
Mar 23 2020
Cities Dedicated to Continued Delivery of Safe and Secure Water
Mar 16 2020
Fix a Leak This Week and Every Week
Mar 09 2020
Valuing the World's Most Extracted Natural Resource
Mar 02 2020
Canals Connect Communities with Water and Recreation
Feb 24 2020
Why Water Legislation Matters
Feb 17 2020
Prepare for Spring: Create Your Outdoor Plan Utilizing Free Classes and Resources
Feb 10 2020
Teaching the Water Stewards of Tomorrow
Feb 03 2020
AMWUA Board of Directors Leads Through Collaboration
Jan 27 2020
Groundwater in Arizona: Past, Present, and Future - Part Three
Jan 20 2020
Groundwater in Arizona: Past, Present, and Future - Part Two
Jan 13 2020
Groundwater in Arizona: Past, Present, and Future - Part One
Jan 06 2020
Wise Water Use Brings Long-Term Sustainability for Arizona
Dec 30 2019
2019: A Year of Achievements and Milestones
Dec 23 2019
Make Sure Your Landscape Weathers the Winter Season
Dec 16 2019
Protecting CAP Infrastructure Through Collaboration and Investment
Dec 09 2019
Smartscape: Educating Landscape Professionals on Water Efficiency for 25 Years
Dec 02 2019
Milestone Achieved but Mission to Educate and Inform Continues
Nov 25 2019
Be Sewer Savvy for the Holiday Season
Nov 18 2019
Expanding the Beneficial Reuse of Recycled Water
Nov 11 2019
SROG – Wastewater Collaboration Through a Unique Partnership
Nov 04 2019
Plants for the Arizona Desert Reblooms Online
Oct 28 2019
Imagining Life Without Water
Oct 21 2019
Let’s Talk About the CAGRD
Oct 14 2019
Arizona’s Overdue Water Plans Must be a Priority
Oct 07 2019
Conservation Professionals Collaborate for a Water Smart Future
Sep 30 2019
Proper Prep for Overseeding Small Turf Areas
Sep 23 2019
Water Sustainability Key to Moving Arizona Forward
Sep 16 2019
New Study Looks at Arizona’s Water Supply Options
Sep 09 2019
Water Main Breaks: Planning for the Unexpected
Sep 02 2019
Multiple Water Sources Ensure Sustainability for Cities
Aug 26 2019
How Does Your Water Use Stack Up?
Aug 19 2019
Lake Mead Better than Last Year - What Does that Really Mean?
Aug 12 2019
Water Quality: How We Ensure You Have Safe and Reliable Water
Aug 05 2019
Only Rain Should Go Down the Storm Drain
Jul 29 2019
AMWUA Cities Utilize Smart Irrigation to Achieve Water Efficiency
Jul 22 2019
Lake Mead Conditions Improve but Shortage Preparation is a Long-term Commitment
Jul 15 2019
The Story of AMWUA: 50 Years of Innovation Through Partnership
Jul 08 2019
Collaboration Brings Efficiency for AMWUA Cities
Jul 01 2019
Smart Irrigation Brings Wiser Water Use
Jun 24 2019
Is Your Yard Monsoon Ready?
Jun 17 2019
What You Flush Matters
Jun 10 2019
Be Waterwise With Your Pool This Summer
Jun 03 2019
Preventing Forest Fires Protects Our Water
May 27 2019
Will Our Drought Ever End?
May 20 2019
Tempe Gets WaterSmart with New Automated Metering System
May 13 2019
Infrastructure: Building Beyond Tomorrow
May 06 2019
Amidst the DCP Fanfare a Quiet, but Important, Water Policy Success
Apr 29 2019
Our Waste at Work
Apr 22 2019
Drought and Shortage: What Is the Difference?
Apr 15 2019
Arizona Water Professionals...They Deliver
Apr 08 2019
The Little-Known Report with Potentially Big Consequences
Apr 01 2019
Assured Water Supply Program: Protecting Homebuyers while Ensuring Responsible Growth
Mar 25 2019
DCP Is Done and the Snowpack’s Great, but We Continue To Prepare
Mar 18 2019
Fix A Leak Week: Save Water and Money
Mar 11 2019
50 Years of AMWUA: Regional Committee Plants the Seeds for a Conservation Culture
Mar 04 2019
What Impact Does Precipitation Have On Our Drought and Water Supplies?
Feb 25 2019
New Arizona Prize: Scottsdale Takes A Deeper Look At Our Water History
Feb 18 2019
Non-Vetted Water Bills Threaten More Than DCP
Feb 11 2019
50 Years of AMWUA: Longest Serving Executive Director Built Modern, Productive Organization
Feb 04 2019
DCP: Milestone for Arizona But Now What?
Jan 28 2019
AMWUA Mayors Urge Legislature to Approve DCP
Jan 21 2019
Why Do We Not Have Water Restrictions?
Jan 14 2019
DCP: The Time Is Now
Jan 07 2019
5 Tips: Caring For Your Desert Yard In The Winter
Dec 31 2018
50 Years of AMWUA: Collaboration On Water Creates Urban Success
Dec 24 2018
No Fish Tale: Avondale Tilapia Farm Saves The City Money
Dec 17 2018
Purified Recycled Water: City of Scottsdale Innovation Turns 20
Dec 10 2018
Infrastructure: What You Pay For When You Pay Your Water Bill
Dec 03 2018
Carefully Crafted Plan is Arizona’s Path to Protecting Colorado River
Nov 26 2018
New Arizona Prize: Mesa (And You) Win The Water Public Art Challenge
Nov 19 2018
6 Things You Need To Know About Your Wastewater
Nov 12 2018
Free Program: Technology Helps Gilbert Commercial Properties Save Water, Money
Nov 05 2018
Drought plan must preserve Arizona’s long-term water management
Oct 29 2018
8 Tips To Help Your Trees Stand Up To The Weather
Oct 22 2018
NIA Water: What It Is And Why It Matters To You
Oct 15 2018
Free Classes: Create A Colorful Yard Every Season
Oct 08 2018
What Would A Day Without Water Look Like?
Oct 01 2018
2018's Least Known Election Is One of The Most Important
Sep 24 2018
Landscape Classes: It’s Time To Boost Your Yard’s Appeal
Sep 17 2018
Study Puts Dollar Value On Benefits Of Building Green
Sep 10 2018
Cities Support Central Arizona Project For 50 Years
Sep 03 2018
Milestone for Arizona: 50th Anniversary of Colorado River Basin Project Act
Aug 27 2018
Saving the Colorado River: Everyone Faces A Sacrifice
Aug 20 2018
Cities Take Their Conservation Message To The Next Generation
Aug 13 2018
Arizona Water Watch: Citizen Scientists Protect Natural Resources
Aug 06 2018
No Sniveling: In Memory Of John R. (Bob) McCain
Jul 30 2018
Five Links: Going Deeper Into Drought’s Impact On Arizona
Jul 23 2018
Why Arizona's Valley Cities Store Water Underground
Jul 16 2018
Smart Irrigation: These Three Tips Save Water And Money
Jul 09 2018
Healthy Arizona Forests Are Vital To Valley Water Supplies
Jul 02 2018
Colorado River: Can Arizona Act to Protect Vital Water Source?
Jun 25 2018
Need Inspires Tempe To Create Unique Training Facility
Jun 18 2018
5 Things You Need To Know Right Now About Arizona’s Drought
Jun 11 2018
Water Resources: The State Agency That Keeps Arizona Working
Jun 04 2018
Engineer Trained In Mexico Helps Glendale Recycle Its Wastewater
May 28 2018
AMWUA Text Alert Takes Guess Work Out Of Watering
May 21 2018
Price of Uncertainty: Arizona Water Rights Trapped In Lawsuit
May 14 2018
Glendale: 100th Acre Converted From Grass to Desert Landscape
May 07 2018
Disappointing Session: Action Not Words Are Needed To Solve Arizona Water Issues
Apr 30 2018
Summer Landscapes: 5 Ways To Save Water And Money
Apr 23 2018
On The Job: Mechanic’s Career Path Includes Meter Reading Marathon
Apr 16 2018
Project WET: Teachers Strengthen Conservation Culture
Apr 09 2018
Is Arizona Doing Everything It Can to Avoid Shortage on the Colorado River?
Apr 02 2018
Do Your Homework Before Visiting The Nursery
Mar 26 2018
Water Transfers: Transporting Water in a Desert
Mar 19 2018
Fix A Leak Week: Time To Save Water And Money
Mar 12 2018
10 Pruning Tips To Healthier, Prettier Desert Trees
Mar 05 2018
Well Managed Cooling Towers Can Save Water, Energy and Money
Feb 26 2018
SRP Water Conservation Expo: Meet A Fish, See A Robot, Save Money
Feb 19 2018
Partnership Protects Water Supplies For Phoenix And Avondale
Feb 12 2018
Lessons from Cape Town: Avoiding Arizona’s Day Zero
Feb 05 2018
Free City Classes Brighten Large And Small Spaces
Jan 29 2018
On The Job: Water Tech Works His Way To A Comeback
Jan 22 2018
Science And Math Help Balance Tempe’s New Water Rates
Jan 15 2018
Groundwater Documentary A Guide To Solving Today’s Water Challenges
Jan 08 2018
2017: AMWUA Cities Worked To Assure Water Supplies
Jan 01 2018
2018: The Year To Assure Water For Arizona's Future Generations
Dec 25 2017
Small Monthly Water Bill Donations Sustain Local Charities
Dec 18 2017
Arizona Aquifers: Protecting The Water Beneath Our Feet
Dec 11 2017
10 Tips For A Beautiful Low-Maintenance Landscape
Dec 04 2017
What Is Arizona Doing To Deal With Drought?
Nov 27 2017
On The Job: One Designer, A Sewer Girl And The Clog Save Water And Money
Nov 20 2017
Holiday Message: Take It Easy On Your Plumbing And Your City’s Infrastructure
Nov 13 2017
Thank You: Avoiding Shortage in Arizona Is A Team Effort
Nov 06 2017
Conservation Pros Sharpen Skills To Help Businesses
Oct 30 2017
Words Count When Talking About Advances In Water Technology
Oct 23 2017
Desert City Helped To Launch Green Building Movement
Oct 16 2017
Arizona Pilot Project Could Help Find More “Lost” Water
Oct 09 2017
On The Job: Organizer Keeps Wastewater Treatment Reliable
Oct 02 2017
Colorado River Shortage: Where We Are Right Now
Sep 25 2017
Diving In: Underwater Work Saves Cities Money & Water
Sep 18 2017 Bigger, Brighter, Bolder And A Little Smarter
Sep 11 2017
AZ To Permit Purified Wastewater As Drinking Water Source
Sep 04 2017
For A Better Looking Summer Lawn, Plant Winter Grass Correctly
Aug 28 2017
Drab to Fab: Watch And Learn From This Backyard Makeover
Aug 21 2017
Want A Lovelier Landscape? Master Your Irrigation
Aug 14 2017
Why Are We Still Using Flood Irrigation In The Desert?
Aug 07 2017
Dirty Secrets: Backyard Composting Among Cities’ Free Landscape Classes
Jul 31 2017
Pure Brew: Campaign Promotes Future Source Of Drinking Water
Jul 24 2017
5 Trees To Shade Your Desert
Jul 17 2017
On The Job: Phoenix Team Protects Miles Of Water Lines
Jul 10 2017
Study: Conservation Reduces The Cost Of Your Water Services
Jul 03 2017
Inside Job: Water Efficiency A Fixture In City Buildings
Jun 19 2017
Desert Adapting: Five Common Summer Landscape Mistakes
Jun 12 2017
Get To Work: How To Qualify For A Job In Water
Jun 05 2017
2017 Legislative Session: Four Things That Went Right For Water
May 29 2017
The Whys Behind Changes in Your Water Bill
May 22 2017
Five Things You Need To Know Right Now About Drought
May 15 2017
Regional Partnerships Keep Water Affordable
May 08 2017
So, Exactly How Much Water Are We Talking About?
May 01 2017
Save Water (And Money) Outside This Summer
Apr 24 2017
City Water Departments Answer Five Common Questions
Apr 17 2017
On The Job: Skill, Hard Work Ensures Water Gets To Your Home
Apr 10 2017
Water Advocacy: It’s Easier Than You Think
Apr 03 2017
Groundcover: Green Makes A Better Carpet Than Gravel
Mar 27 2017
Partnership Makes Desert Golf Courses Sustainable
Mar 20 2017
Fix A Leak Week: Time To Hunt Down Leaks That Are Draining Your Budget
Mar 13 2017
Good Connection: Goodyear Brings Its Water Home
Mar 06 2017
On The Job: Water Treatment Supervisor Uses Brains, Heart And A Little Muscle
Feb 27 2017
Sen. John Kyl: Compromise Is Key To Water Leadership
Feb 20 2017
Power Switch: Economics Driving New Energy for Moving Water
Feb 13 2017
Wastewater Treatment Plant Turns Gaseous By-Product Into Profit
Feb 06 2017
AMWUA Cities Help State Screen Schools To Ensure Safe Water
Jan 30 2017
Drought: Five Things You Need To Know About This Rainy Winter
Jan 23 2017
Desert Edibles: Cities Offer Full Menu Of Landscape And Gardening Classes
Jan 16 2017
Grease Coop: A Beautiful Solution To An Ugly Problem
Jan 09 2017
AMWUA: Preparing For 2017 By Looking At 2016 Successes
Jan 02 2017
In Memoriam: Steve Olson, 35 Years Dedicated To Water
Dec 26 2016
Five Water Challenges for Arizona from Avondale's Councilmember Iwanski
Dec 19 2016
Gilbert Grows Program To Help HOAs Lower Water Bills
Dec 12 2016
Lawmakers Get Answer To Arizona’s Biggest Water Question
Dec 05 2016
Water: A Conversation With Chandler Councilmember Rick Heumann
Nov 28 2016
The Art and Efficiency of Fountains in the Desert
Nov 21 2016
Salt and Verde: Protecting The Valley’s Water Supply
Nov 14 2016
Arizona Is Big Winner Of Water Innovation Prize
Nov 07 2016
Desert Landscaping: Ten Tips For Winter Watering
Oct 31 2016
On The Job: Chemist Ensures Safe Water Flows To Your Home And Business
Oct 24 2016
Putting Storm Runoff To Work
Oct 17 2016
Building Better Water Rates in an Uncertain World
Oct 10 2016
This Year's Least Known Election Is One Of The Most Important
Oct 03 2016
Tempe Offers Residents And Businesses Online Access To Water
Sep 26 2016
Beyond the Headlines: Facts about Your Drinking Water
Sep 19 2016
Cities Offer Classes To Help You Reimagine Your Yard
Sep 12 2016
Try Living A Day Without Water
Sep 05 2016
Defying Mother Nature: Creative Solutions To Avoid Shortages
Aug 29 2016
Scottsdale Offers Arizona's First Pool Removal Rebate
Aug 22 2016
Peak Demand Dictates How Cities Build Water Infrastructure
Aug 15 2016
Water: A Conversation with Scottsdale's Mayor Lane
Aug 08 2016
Monsoon Season: 5 Common Landscape Mistakes
Aug 01 2016
Water Bank Recovery: Preparing for Shortages on the Colorado River
Jul 25 2016
Water Bank: Arizona’s Emergency Savings Account
Jul 18 2016
Safe-yield: A Balancing Act For Arizona’s Aquifers
Jul 11 2016
Salt River: Bringing Life To A Desert Valley
Jul 04 2016
Fourth of July: Celebrating Our Water History
Jun 27 2016
Water Professionals Take On Role As First Responders
Jun 20 2016
Keeping It In Perspective: Bottled Water And Other Industries
Jun 13 2016
Living Classroom: AMWUA Plant Pages Come To Life
Jun 06 2016
Arizona Water Facts: A New Website Built For Everyone
May 30 2016
Common Sense: Tax-Free Water Conservation Rebates
May 23 2016
Protect Lake Mead Now To Avoid Future Water Crisis
May 16 2016
10 Questions To Ask Before Using Laundry Water In Your Yard
May 09 2016
AZ Water Association: The People Who Bring You Water
May 02 2016
Shoring Up Tempe Town Lake With A New Dam
Apr 25 2016
At Stake: Securing Your Trees
Apr 18 2016
Beyond The Mirage: Water Science For The Video
Apr 11 2016
Robots And Vacuum Trucks: Learn What It Takes To Operate A Water System
Apr 04 2016
Strengthen, Not Weaken, Water Management in Arizona
Mar 28 2016
Students Learn Conservation, Math And A Little Plumbing
Mar 21 2016
Unlikely Partnership: Superfund Site Waters Goodyear Ballpark
Mar 14 2016
Follow Your City’s Lead: Find And Fix Leaks
Mar 07 2016
Removing Grass? Know The Basics Before You Start
Feb 29 2016
Phoenix Launches Program To Help HOAs Save Water And Money
Feb 22 2016
Managing Arizona’s Water Supplies Is Everyone’s Issue
Feb 15 2016
Keeping The Water Flowing
Feb 08 2016
100 AMWUA Blog Posts: The Top Five
Feb 01 2016
Water: In Praise Of Cities
Jan 25 2016
Alliance Gathers Forces (Including One Of Our Own) To Advance Water Efficiency
Jan 18 2016
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Jan 11 2016
Wanted: A Few Good Leaders
Jan 04 2016
Stop Talking: Five Actions To Secure Arizona’s Water Future
Dec 28 2015
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Dec 21 2015
Tired Of Skimming And Cleaning? 10 Pool-Friendly Shade Trees
Dec 14 2015
Water Rates Rising: Is Anyone Really Surprised?
Dec 07 2015
Arizona Town Hall: A Unique Process for Addressing Important Arizona Issues
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WIFA: Little Agency Of Big Government Protects Arizona’s
Nov 23 2015
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Nov 16 2015
Master Gardener: It’s A Tough Title To Earn
Nov 09 2015
Drinking Water: You Have Better Things To Worry About
Nov 02 2015
Is Your Business Water Wise? Customers want to know
Oct 26 2015
Desert Vegetables: Here, Just Taste
Oct 19 2015
CAP: Tracking The Flow Of Colorado River Water To Your City
Oct 12 2015
Changing Landscape: Phoenix Grows Into Distinctively Desert City
Oct 05 2015
So, What, Exactly, Is An AMWUA?
Sep 28 2015
Schools: A Lesson About How To Save Water
Sep 21 2015
Putting A Price Tag On Our Urban Forest
Sep 14 2015
Re-imagine Your Yard: Cities Offer Free Landscaping Classes
Sep 07 2015
On The Fence About That Lawn? Here's An Incentive
Aug 31 2015
You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure
Aug 24 2015
Water Bill Too High? Cities Offer Free Water Audits
Aug 17 2015
Watering: Every Desert Landscape's Beauty Secrets Revealed
Aug 10 2015
Design: Here’s Your Guide To A Car-Stopping Landscape
Aug 03 2015
New Plant Site: Colorful, Mobile, Useful and Inspiring
Jul 27 2015
El Rio: Cities Work To Restore Gila River Beauty
Jul 20 2015
Gilbert: Irrigation Experts Save Millions Of Gallons Of Water
Jul 13 2015
Arizona: Where Flushing Keeps The Lights On
Jul 06 2015
Your City May Be Willing To Help Pay For Six Home Improvements
Jun 29 2015
Goodyear: Working On A Green Solution To Its Salty Problem
Jun 22 2015
Water Security: Why There Are Two Different Arizonas
Jun 15 2015
Phoenix Partners With Forest Fund To Protect Valley Water
Jun 08 2015
Smart Growth: Chandler Links Development Benefits To Water Use
Jun 01 2015
Does Anyone Want To Drive On An Ugly Freeway?
May 25 2015
Greening Up: Cities Begin To Put Stormwater To Better Use
May 18 2015
Study: Western Cities Know How To Save And Reuse Water
May 11 2015
How To Save Water With 416 Acres Of Grass
May 04 2015
Growth And Conservation: Where Do You Draw The Line?
Apr 27 2015
Cities And Gila River Indian Community Swap Water
Apr 20 2015
Leadership: Water Brings Phoenix And Tucson Together
Apr 13 2015
Arizona Isn’t California: Why We Are Better Prepared For Drought
Apr 06 2015
Aim Low: Make Tiered Water Rates Work For You
Mar 30 2015
Drought Smart: 6 Things You Can Learn About Water In 6 Minutes
Mar 23 2015
WaterSense: High Performance That Saves Water And Money
Mar 16 2015
Cities Store Water To Keep Taps Flowing Come (No) Rain or Shine
Mar 09 2015
Gardens: Why Your City Wants To Inspire You
Mar 02 2015
Is It Time To Turn Your Yard Into A Wildlife Habitat?
Feb 23 2015
Leaks Drain Water Supply And Household Budgets
Feb 16 2015
Recycling: Paper, Plastic, And Now Water
Feb 09 2015
Hotels Get Help To Save More Water And Energy
Feb 02 2015
Saving Water: A Global Goal With A Very Local Application
Jan 26 2015
Goodyear: Fixing A Leak Means Free Baseball Tickets
Jan 19 2015
Arizona Needs a Strong, Well-Funded Water Department
Jan 12 2015
Gilbert Transforms Wastewater Storage Into Wetlands Retreat
Jan 05 2015
Want To Reuse Laundry Water In Your Yard? Tempe Is Ready To Help
Dec 29 2014
2015: Cities Can Help You Keep Your Pledge To Save Water
Dec 22 2014
Let’s Face It, Most Of Us Are Not Frost Cloth People
Dec 15 2014
Quaggas Muscle Their Way Into Your City’s Water Delivery System
Dec 08 2014
First Water, Then Development
Dec 01 2014
Desalination: Is It A Practical Solution For Arizona’s Future Water
Nov 24 2014
The Phoenix Zoo Shows You How To Save Water And Money
Nov 17 2014
Smartscape: You Could Have A Better Landscaper
Nov 10 2014
Tempe Town Lake: How (And Why) Did They Do That?
Nov 03 2014
HOAs Lower Water Bills, Maintain Landscapes And Create Harmony
Oct 27 2014
A Little Bit Of Knowledge Can Grow A Beautiful Thing
Oct 20 2014
Sheared Shrubs Lose Beauty And Health
Oct 13 2014
Heroic Water Buffalo Heads For The Golf Course
Oct 06 2014
Wildfires Raise Cost Of Treating Valley Drinking Water
Sep 29 2014
This Smart Pig Can Help You Find Leaks And Save Money
Sep 22 2014
Groundwater Management: Why Arizona Must Continue To Lead
Sep 15 2014
Keep That Lovely Yard And Save Water
Sep 08 2014
Mystery Of Lost Water Wastes Precious Resource And Money
Sep 01 2014
More scientists showing up in bathrooms this school year
Aug 25 2014
Rio Salado Habitat: Wildlife Sanctuary Created From Wasteland
Aug 18 2014
Time For Low-Flow Toilets To Take A Bow
Aug 11 2014
Mini Hydro-Turbines In Water System Would Create Clean Power
Aug 04 2014
The Ins And Outs Of Business Water Bills
Jul 28 2014
What You Flush Can Cost Cities Time And Money
Jul 21 2014
Rain Harvesters Reshape Yards To Save Storm Water
Jul 14 2014
Green Infrastructure: Can It Find A Home In The Desert?
Jul 07 2014
Softening Water Is Tough On Cities
Jun 30 2014
Businesses Can’t Afford To Miss Ways To Cut Water Bills
Jun 23 2014
Water Shortages: The Big Picture
Jun 16 2014
Mrs. Kelly Gets New Toilets, But Flushing Problems Persist
Jun 09 2014
Groundwater Management: Why It Still Matters
Jun 02 2014
Myth: A Desert Garden Will Save Water and Money
May 26 2014
Storm Water: From The Streets To Your Rivers and Parks
May 19 2014
Can Bucket Masters Save The Valley's Water?
May 12 2014
Upside Of A Superfund Site
May 04 2014
Remembering Senator Turley
Apr 27 2014
Big Leaks Require Big Damage
Apr 20 2014
Is There Effluent In My Park?
Apr 13 2014
From Grass To Gravel: Even The Dogs Approve
Apr 06 2014
What You Pay For When You Pay Your Water Bill
Mar 31 2014
Tempe Grease Coop: City & Businesses Clean Up Problem
Mar 24 2014
When Are You Willing To Pay A Little More?
Mar 17 2014
A Running Toilet: Is This The Best We Can Do?
Mar 09 2014
Tres Rios Wetlands: Not Just For The Birds
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