Developing Conservation Tools and Resources a Priority for Cities

Published Sep 06, 2021

In Arizona, we understand the importance of water conservation. That is why cities have invested in programs and resources to provide valuable information, tools, and assistance to help everyone use water wisely.

Each of the AMWUA communities has professional conservation staff dedicated to assisting their residents and businesses use water efficiently. Additionally, each municipality has created and invested in its own unique blend of water conservation programs and resources tailored to meet its customers' needs.

Free classes and workshops
AMWUA members and partners host hundreds of educational workshops for residents, professional training, and public events every year to share information and expertise so we can be more water-wise.

Through these free classes and workshops, you can learn about a wide variety of landscape topics, including designing desert landscapes, trees for the Arizona desert, container gardening, and transplanting tips. Learn how to manage your irrigation controller, water efficiently, find and fix leaks, and unravel the mysteries of your irrigation system. There are even classes about herb gardens, growing vegetables and fruit trees. This knowledge can lead to beautiful and water-efficient outdoor spaces. 

These city classes are offered at multiple times throughout the year, including this upcoming fall. You can check with your city's conservation offices  for more information or view the complete list  on the AMWUA website.

Each city develops and updates its conservation programs  to address its customers' unique situation, including rebates to help residents and businesses save water and money - both indoors and out.

Available rebates vary among the cities. Visit the rebates section  on our website for the most up-to-date information, and appropriate links to learn how to apply for the current rebate programs within your city. Cities budget a limited amount of money for these programs, so it's wise to fill out an application quickly.

Inside your home, you may be eligible to receive a rebate for WaterSense  labeled water fixtures and other high-efficiency fittings and appliances. While outdoors, there are available rebates for landscape conversion or the installation of smart irrigation controllers, just to name a few.

Many cities also offer non-residential rebates for businesses, commercial properties, and HOAs looking to increase their water efficiency from their plumbing fixtures to their surrounding landscape.

Demonstration gardens
AMWUA cities have invested in demonstration gardens to encourage, teach and inspire people to plant beautiful yards that thrive with very little water and maintenance. These local xeriscape demonstration gardens provide a wealth of practical information and showcase mature examples of the diverse array of trees and plants that thrive in our environment.

Educational materials
AMWUA's members and partners promote water conservation for both students and teachers by providing various programs for the classroom. These programs integrate water conservation into existing math and science studies. Your cities' conservation experts continue to build their library of educational materials and online content for everyone. After all, we all play a part in water conservation - regardless of age.

Being responsible with the water we have is up to each of us. That is why cities have these and other programs and resources to help you use water more efficiently, all of which further strengthens the conservation ethic we have cultivated for decades here in Arizona.

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