Free Conservation Classes, Rebates, and Resources to Save Water and Money

Published Feb 21, 2023

In Arizona, we understand the importance of water conservation. That’s why developing a wide array of programs and resources that are easily accessible to residents and businesses remains a priority for water conservation staff from the ten AMWUA cities because focusing on wise water use never stops. They work diligently to provide valuable information, tools, and assistance to help everyone use water more efficiently indoors and outdoors.

Free classes and workshops
The AMWUA members host various educational workshops throughout the year to share information and expertise to empower you to be a little more water-wise while learning something new. Through these free classes and workshops, you can learn about various topics, including sustainable desert landscapes and how to prune a tree for health and beauty. Learn how to manage your irrigation controller, water efficiently, find and fix leaks, and unravel the mysteries of your irrigation system. This type of knowledge can lead to beautiful and water-efficient outdoor spaces. 

Many cities are also hosting Water 101 classes so you can learn more about your city’s water supplies and hear more about their long-term planning efforts to ensure reliable water supplies for their communities.

You can check with your city’s conservation offices for more information and to access on-demand courses and workshops.

Each municipality provides its unique blend of water conservation programs, like rebates, tailored to meet its customers' needs and best address their water management goals within each municipality. Various rebates are currently available to help residents in the AMWUA cities save water and money - indoors and out.

Inside your home, you may be eligible to receive a rebate for high-efficiency fixtures or appliances and WaterSense-labeled products. While outdoors, there are available rebates for landscape conversion, turf removal, and smart irrigation controllers, just to name a few.

Many cities also offer non-residential rebates for businesses, commercial properties, and HOAs looking to increase their water efficiency.

Cities budget a limited amount of money for these programs, so it's wise to fill out an application quickly. Visit the rebates section  on our website for the most up-to-date information and appropriate links to learn how to apply for the current rebate programs within your city.

Additional Resources
There are a variety of ways you can get help and additional information when you need it. The AMWUA communities have professional conservation staff dedicated to assisting their residents and businesses in using water efficiently. Take a moment to virtually visit your local water conservation office  to explore the resources available to you. There is also plenty of valuable information on our website highlighting what you can do to become more water-wise while developing sustainable landscapes for our desert climate.

Being responsible with the water we have is up to each of us. That is why the AMWUA cities have a wide variety of programs and resources to help you use water more efficiently and further strengthen the conservation ethic we have cultivated for decades here in Arizona. 

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