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Gilbert’s Water Budget Program Recognized with Outstanding Industry Partnership Award

By AMWUA Staff

The cost of watering large landscapes can significantly impact budgets for homeowners’ associations, multifamily communities, churches, schools, and businesses. That is why the Town of Gilbert works with these organizations and created the Landscape Water Budget Program to help them realize the substantial cost savings they can accumulate while maintaining a healthy, attractive landscape. Those efforts are essential here in the desert as proper landscape water management helps preserve our precious water sources.

To achieve this, Gilbert Water Conservation professionals develop a site-specific water budget based on the size and type of landscape, offer recommendations for improving a site’s irrigation efficiency and work with the site to find custom smart technologies best suited for their setup. Each month updates are provided to keep the user on track with managing the landscape water use. This tool helps community managers, landscape contractors, and HOA board members to communicate more effectively and achieve a common goal. In 2019, 290 participants partnered with Gilbert Water Conservation and saved over 188 million gallons of water. This equates to $381,000 in avoided excess water costs for these sites. Since April 2017, they have installed smart irrigation technology at 26 unique sites. This technology includes smart controllers, high-efficiency nozzles, flow sensors, rain sensors, and indoor water conservation technology.

Gilbert AwardFor these efforts and accomplishments, the Irrigation Association recently named the Town of Gilbert, the recipient of the Smart Water Application Technologies 2021 Outstanding Industry Partnership Award. This award recognizes a water provider that has successfully implemented a program focused on partnership with landscape and irrigation professionals to promote outdoor water conservation. 

“The Town of Gilbert’s Landscape Water Budget Program is a great example of how a partnership between a water provider and private industry has resulted in more efficient irrigation practices,” said Deborah Hamlin, Irrigation Association CEO. “Congratulations to everyone involved in this program in the Town of Gilbert. This recognition is well deserved.” 

The Town of Gilbert continually strives to build customized programs to help its customers use water wisely. The Water Budget Program is a prime example. Find out more about how you can be a water steward by participating in one of their many programs HERE.

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