Monthly Watering Text Alert Takes Guess Work Out of Watering

Published Apr 30, 2024

The watering needs for your yard vary from season to season and even month to month. So, regularly adjusting your irrigation schedule is essential. It is also an easy way to save water and money while ensuring your plants get the proper amount of water they need to thrive, yet it often gets overlooked.

To better assist residents with this issue, the water conservation specialists from the AMWUA Cities worked together to deliver a solution. Simply text WHENTOWATER to 1-844-416-1428 and receive a text message on the first of each month with a link to that month’s unique watering guide. This guide reminds you to change your settings as the weather changes and gives precise watering instructions for all your plants. This easily accessible information can help you keep your yard looking its best. Plus, this is one more way to help you save water—and money. 

Yes, an automated irrigation system waters your yard without you having to think about it. Still, that frequency should be adjusted at least four times yearly to account for differences in seasonal watering needs, such as during the desert heat. When you forget to change an irrigation system, you will probably end up overwatering your grass, plants, and trees. In addition to being a waste of water, overwatering can mean soggy soil that can prevent trees and plants from pulling in essential elements from the soil, such as nitrogen and iron, and suffocate the roots. 

There are two steps to help you get the most value from the WHENTOWATER text alerts: 

1. Water desert landscapes infrequently but deeply to retain water in the soil and prevent evaporation. Ensure you water to a depth of three feet for trees, two feet for shrubs, one foot for smaller plants, and a half foot for grass. (You can measure the depth of your watering with something as simple as a wooden stick with a pointed end.)

2. Learn how to adjust the run times on your automated irrigation controller so you can quickly match run times to your WHENTOWATER text alert. Watch the manufacturer’s how-to video designed for your controller. Typical controllers are not tricky, but they can be confusing at first. People often set their controllers once and forget about it or leave it up to a landscaper, who may not adjust their watering schedule regularly.

Being wise with our outdoor water use is essential, regardless of the time of year. A water-efficient landscape will save you time, water, and money. Plus, when we are efficient with our water, we invest in our future, so we must all do our part.

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For 55 years, the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association has worked to protect our member cities’ ability to provide assured, safe, and sustainable water supplies to their communities. For more water information, visit, and don’t forget to text WHENTOWATER to 1-844-416-1428 to receive monthly watering guidelines.