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Scottsdale Water Celebrates 50th Anniversary with the Dedication of Groundwater Treatment Facility

By AMWUA Staff

Since its inception, Scottsdale Water’s vision has been to build water sustainability through stewardship, innovation, and people. Now 50 years later, they continue to achieve that.

In conjunction with their anniversary, Scottsdale Water celebrated the opening of its new Thomas Groundwater Treatment Facility (TGTF) last week with a commemorative event, which will set the stage to officially start production at the facility.

TGTF RenditionTGTF is Scottsdale’s newest Reverse Osmosis water treatment facility. The $25 million project increases operational flexibility with the different groundwater well production in southern Scottsdale. It ensures that all water can be treated to the City’s highest water quality standards and put to full use. Once TGTF goes online, following a 30-day commissioning, residents will experience a reduction in water hardness.

The new Reverse Osmosis water treatment facility on Thomas Road is adjacent to the existing Central Groundwater Treatment Facility (CGTF) at Pima Park. In addition to the new treatment plant, the existing facility underwent operational improvements.

The opening of the new facility comes during Scottsdale’s first-ever Drought Management Plan Stage One declaration, so it is all the more important that critical groundwater that would otherwise go untreated and untapped will now be used through the sophisticated cleanup capabilities of the City’s water treatment facilities. In partnership with the existing facility, TGTF will contribute to maintaining a diverse water portfolio for Scottsdale.

Like all the AMWUA cities, Scottsdale Water has a long history of thinking and acting strategically with its water resources. It has been particularly innovative in recycling water by being the first Arizona water utility to implement indirect potable reuse with the Advanced Water Treatment facility at the Scottsdale Water Campus. And in 2019, it became the third plant in the nation and the first in Arizona to be permitted for direct potable reuse.

Additionally, Scottsdale Water was recently awarded the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s WaterSMART Water and Energy Efficiency program grant and received the EPA’s Utility of the Future Today recognition for exemplary water reuse.

Scottsdale Water has provided quality drinking water and advanced reclamation services to Scottsdale businesses and residents since 1971. A timeline of their history can be found HERE.

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