Taking the Mystery out of Arizona Water Through 400 Multifarious Blogs

Published Nov 29, 2021

This month the AMWUA Blog hits another milestone – our 400th edition. Since March 2014, we have aimed to take the mystery out of complex issues about water management, water policy, and water conservation by providing useful facts, numbers, or statistics from credible sources and research. A key objective has been to explain in a straightforward way the various aspects of what it takes to deliver water to our faucets, and how we can all do our part to conserve water.

Over the past year, water has been a hot topic and garnered much attention due to the Colorado River situation, which is serious and will remain a top focus moving forward. However, we thought now would be a prime time to highlight other ongoing issues we continue to work on since the Colorado River shortage is just one key part of Arizona's water picture. All pieces of our Arizona water puzzle are essential, and we need to remain vigilant in protecting and enhancing policies to protect them.

Improving Groundwater Management
While the overall usage of groundwater in our State has been reduced, we still must be protective of our groundwater, especially since Colorado River shortages will lead to more groundwater pumping. In fact, in some areas of Arizona, groundwater remains the only water source. READ MORE

Taking a Hard Look at Safe-Yield
In 1980, State leaders took decisive action when they implemented a regulatory framework to decrease our dependence on groundwater in Arizona's most populated areas. Now, more than 40 years later, Arizona is again faced with deciding how best to continue to safeguard our groundwater. READ MORE

Underground Storage: How it Works and Why it Matters
Many things must be considered when it comes to long-term planning for water supplies in the desert. One critical component is storing water underground, which is a valuable investment in a sustainable water supply. READ MORE

The Importance of Recycled Water
We all understand the importance of recycling and the vital role it plays in protecting our environment. In Arizona, recycling water plays a critical role in our lives by providing us with an additional water source. READ MORE

Protecting Our Watershed
Wildfires devastate forest vegetation. They leave behind large amounts of ash, heavy metals, organic materials, and sediments that flow into the rivers and accumulate in reservoirs. The damage to the watershed significantly affects both the quality and sustainability of the water. READ MORE

Moving forward, we will continue our mission to educate, inform and inspire action. After all, we all play a part in our sustainability here in the desert. So we hope you keep reading because there will always be plenty to talk about when it comes to water.

Please note that all 400 blogs are hosted on our website and can be searched by topic or keyword; we encourage you to explore the wide range of info available at your fingertips.

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