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Water is essential, and so are the professionals that provide it

By AMWUA Staff

There are so many components that go into running a water utility, especially with the additional challenges that come with being in the desert. A key element to ensuring we have safe, reliable, and sustainable water supplies every day is the diverse team of people diligently working behind the scenes.

Providing water to more than half of the State’s population is no small feat. To ensure water operations run seamlessly, it requires an educated and well-trained workforce. The ten AMWUA cities employ more than 2,500 water professionals, all of whom play a critical role in delivering water to your tap and providing essential wastewater services.

For a water utility to operate, it requires an extensive team of experts. Front line workers who run the treatment systems, and maintain and repair water lines, play a pivotal part. Additionally, it takes engineers, hydrologists, biologists, experts in water policy, economics, business administration, law, environmental sciences, conservation, and communications working behind the scenes. Together they continually collaborate and coordinate to ensure water is delivered to homes, businesses, schools, and health facilities 24 hours a day, seven days a week through the vast infrastructure in each of the AMWUA cities. Collectively they run 30 water treatment plants and maintain over 18,000 miles of water lines, 142,000 fire hydrants, and more than one million water meters.

Group PhotoHaving safe and reliable water is critical during regular times. It is even more vital during an emergency, disaster, or pandemic. Without a team of skilled water professionals, the reliability and safety of our water would not exist, and we are grateful for their dedication every day. That is why AMWUA was pleased to participate in the fourth annual Arizona Water Professionals Appreciation Week, which ran from April 11-17, to acknowledge these essential workers. This recognition week was initiated to highlight water professionals’ role in clean and sustainable water supplies, draw attention to career opportunities in the water industry, and increase awareness of Arizona’s unique water resources. This is an important effort to show appreciation for all the staff members dedicated to providing water across our State. 

As we look ahead to the continued challenges, including less Colorado River water, prolonged drought, and a hotter and drier future, ensuring the resiliency of our water supplies and infrastructure is more critical than ever. As they always have, each AMWUA municipality remains committed to making sure you have water service every day of every year, regardless of the circumstances, and not just for today but for the future. That simply would not be possible without a dedicated and diverse team of water professionals.

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