Plant watering needs vary from month to month. Regularly adjusting your irrigation schedule is an easy way to save water and money and helps ensure your plants get the right amount of water to thrive. Irrigation frequency should be adjusted at least four times a year to account for differences in seasonal watering needs.

Want monthly watering reminders sent right to your phone? Text WHENTOWATER to 33222 to receive a text with a link to the month's watering guidelines on the first of the month.


The following are general guidelines for scheduling irrigation this month. New plants require more water until they become established. Watch your plants for signs of stress, especially during the summer months. Visit Watering by the Numbers for detailed, step-by-step instructions for how much and how often to water.

June watering schedule

Go Deeper

Looking for more information on irrigation systems and how to water? These guides have what you need.

June watering schedule

Smart Home Water Guide

A step-by-step guide that helps discover typical leaks inside and outside your home, including your irrigation system, available in English y en Español

June watering schedule

Xeriscape: Landscaping With Style in the Arizona Desert

A step-by-step online guide for planning, installing, and caring for desert adapted landscapes, including general watering information and specifics on irrigation system design, installation, and maintenance.

June watering schedule

Landscape Watering by the Numbers

An interactive online guide that walks you through how much and how often to water, how to set your irrigation timer, and how to troubleshoot your system. This guide resides on the Water—Use It Wisely website.