Step One: Before You Start

First Things, First.

Install 1 Arizona 811

Contact Arizona 811 by phone (811) or online at at least two full business days before you dig for free assistance in locating underground power lines and other utilities. It’s the law, and it’s for your safety.

Step One: Before You Start

Be Prepared and Be Realistic

It is important to be realistic about your capabilities during the landscape process. Landscaping can be hard work and requires time and patience. Things to keep in mind to help maintain endurance and get the job done with fewer hassles:

  • Take weather into account during the installation process. If you are installing your landscape during the warmer months, make sure to drink plenty of water, protect yourself from the sun (a hat, sunscreen, protective clothing) and avoid the most strenuous jobs during the hottest times of day.
  • You may want to rent a trencher, a front-end loader and/or other labor-saving equipment to make your installation job a little easier.
  • Rest often.
  • Get a good pair of garden gloves.
  • Consider asking for assistance. If you are able to achieve cost savings elsewhere on the project, you could hire a few helping hands.