Businesses, Institutional & HOAs

Office buildings, restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, and other commercial and institutional facilities use a significant amount of water and energy in their daily operations. As water, sewer, and energy costs continue to rise, the business case for water efficiency grows. The business community is also increasingly concerned about the risk of shortage and how to help ensure the reliability of the water resources our economy relies on. The following resources will help.

Town of Gilbert - Water Wise Gilbert

Water Wise Gilbert recognizes businesses, HOA’s, and organizations that use water efficiently. Our diverse water efficiency toolkit provides free resources that reinforce the efforts to maintain healthy, attractive landscapes that are watered efficiently, and achieve indoor water use that is leak free and utilizes new technology. Gilbert offers water efficiency checkups, customized water budgets, online water monitoring, technology upgrades, and more- all at no cost. Learn more at or contact us at

City of Glendale - Glendale Water Efficiency Partner Program

The Glendale Water Efficiency Partner program promotes efficient water use and helps commercial customers identify simple ways to save water and money. The program has indoor and outdoor components that can be used separately or together. 

City of Phoenix

Water efficiency at the workplace starts with understanding a facility's water usage. Our City of Phoenix program provides free water efficiency check-ups to help identify potential water conservation opportunities, which include:

  • An on-site water assessment that tests all water-using fixtures of the facility
  • An in-depth report analyzing the usage and efficiencies of the fixtures
  • A comprehensive list of water-savings suggestions that the business can implement

If your business is interested in participating in this free program, please contact us by sending an email to or by calling us at (602) 261-8367

City of Scottsdale

Scottsdale Water has a variety of water conservation programs designed specifically to help commercial and HOA customers reduce their water use. The programs include landscape consultations, interior audits, rebates and other resources. Send inquiries to or visit our website.

City of Flagstaff - Water Wise Business Program

The Water Wise Business Program is a free water check-up for Flagstaff local businesses. A Water Conservation Staff member will come to your business and thoroughly check and measure all water fixtures and devices. We also provide businesses with free low-flow fixtures during the check up and tell owners about applicable rebates. We started with our local downtown businesses and are branching out to surrounding restaurants and hotels. We will be ramping up our hotel and motel outreach this year, so stay tuned for more developments in that sector.

Facility Managers Guide to Water Management

Guide to identifying opportunities to reduce water use and to developing and implementing a plan suited to your facility.  Includes data sheets to use for planning and consumption tracking and materials for employee outreach and engagement.

EPA WaterSense for Commercial Facilities

The WaterSense website provides facility managers, building owners, and other stakeholders with a variety of resources and initiatives to help them save water, energy, and operating costs.

AWE Commercial Kitchens Guide

The Alliance for Water Efficiency (AWE) Commercial Kitchens Water Use Efficiency and Best Practices Guide provides day-to-day best practices for reducing water use in commercial kitchens, food service, and hospitality facilities. It includes case study summaries and strategies for efficient management of the most common high-use equipment.  Contact your local conservation office or AMWUA to request a copy.  

Water Efficiency Toolkit

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), AT&T and the Global Environmental Management Institute (GEMI) have developed a set of tools and resources that can help organizations build their own program to reduce water and energy use in buildings.  A Water Scorecard and sample audit forms help assess your company's water efficiency, and a Water Efficiency Calculator estimates water and financial savings from cooling tower or free-air cooling improvements. A Cooling System Efficiency Guide and 12-video series provide fundamental information.

College Water Efficiency Group

The College Water Efficiency Group was formed in 2012 to explore efficiency opportunities on college campuses, to share information, and to compile case studies.  The group has grown to include 120 members in 11 states, including Arizona.  Members include representatives from universities, water and energy utilities, and consultants.  Photo credit: ASU

Hire a Landscape Professional

More often than not, there are big opportunities to reduce water use in the landscape through better irrigation management and regular system maintenance. That can add up to significant cost savings and a healthier, more sustainable landscape.  Ask your landscaper what training and certifications they have and how they plan to ensure efficient water use.  To learn about many of the training and certifications available and to connect to lists of landscapers with those certifications, click here

Contact an Expert

Each of the AMWUA member cities has professional conservation staff available to assist the businesses, facilities, and HOAs in their community.  Many are building or expanding programs specifically aimed at these sectors.  Contact them for more information and to let them know what would be most helpful to your efforts to reduce water use.