How to Conserve

Tips & Videos

Taking small steps can have a big impact. Simply think about how you use water every time you use it, and you’ll quickly find opportunities to save water and money. The following tips and videos will get you started.


100+ Ways to Conserve

When it comes to conserving water, small adjustments can have a big impact. Conserve water with ideas from our 100+ water-saving tips that you can download, print or share on social media.


Take the Home Water Challenge

Learn basic things you can do inside and outside your home to save water and money.


How to Read Your Water Meter

Reading your water meter is the first step to managing your home’s water use and finding leaks. This video will show you how.


Finding & Fixing Leaks

Dig into the Resources section of the website for great DIY videos on tracking down and fixing leaks, inside and outside your house, including your irrigation system.


Get A Monthly Landscape Watering Reminder E-mail

How often should you water your trees? Summer grass in April? The City of Mesa will conveniently email you instructions each month, whether you're a resident or not.


How to Replace a Faucet Aerator

Learn how to save money on water and energy bills by replacing the aerator on your bathroom faucets courtesy the Town of Gilbert.


Low Flow Showerhead Replacement

Showering uses a significant amount of water. Learn how to replace your existing, high volume showerhead with a WaterSense labeled fixture to save money on water and energy bills courtesy the Town of Gilbert.


How to Set An Irrigation Timer

You can save thousands of gallons of water in your landscape, and save your plants from drowning, by setting of your irrigation controller properly.


How to Adjust a Sprinkler Head

A quick tutorial on adjusting irrigation sprinkler heads. Because watering the sidewalk doesn’t do your lawn any good.