AMWUA retains a unique team with diverse backgrounds and expertise to support its members and mission. All have a passion for serving their communities. The professional staffs identify and research issues and offer independent analysis to AMWUA, assist in policy development, advocate on behalf of the organization, and facilitate the development of programs and resources.

Warren Tenney

Warren Tenney

Sheri Headshot For Web

Sheri Trapp


Paul Bergelin


Michelle Barclay


The year AMWUA's first full-time staff was hired after the enactment of the Groundwater Management Act.


Diana Pina

Jacob WEB

Jacob Perez Laurent


Brad Moore

AMWUA Consultants

AMWUA draws on a talented group of consultants for legal and policy expertise, lobbying, and financial functions.

Kathy Ferris

Kathy Ferris

Barry Headshot

Barry Aarons

Theresa Headshot

Theresa Ulmer

AMWUA staff and consultant photos generously provided by Nathanael Tenney Photography.