Access to safe and clean water is essential to all aspects of life

Published Sep 06, 2022

Water is a necessity, not a luxury. Only tap water delivers public health protection, fire protection, support for our economy, and the quality of life we enjoy. Any measure of a prosperous society – low mortality rates, economic growth and diversity, productivity, and public safety – is directly related to having safe water. That is why ensuring we all have access to safe, clean, and protected water, regardless of the situation, is a priority for the ten AMWUA cities.

Municipal water providers’ primary responsibility is to deliver safe drinking water. They are among the most regulated industries in the country and are held to the highest standard. Every year, Valley water utilities collectively perform millions of tests and measurements to ensure safe water treatment and distribution systems. Each AMWUA city has an aggressive water quality program. They have a dedicated team of chemists, technicians, and specialists who test for hundreds of substances daily and in multiple service areas using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your water consistently meets safe drinking water standards. This means significant money, time, and effort are focused on water quality.

Not all water can be treated equally. With the multiple water sources utilized by the AMWUA cities,  they have separate treatment plants for the Colorado River water that they receive from the Central Arizona Project (CAP) and for the Salt and Verde Rivers delivered by the Salt River Project (SRP). Different approaches to treatment are required due to the composition of those diverse water sources. Addressing those treatment challenges is why the cities invested and continue to invest in their vast infrastructure and advanced treatment facilities. Due to those investments in innovation and infrastructure, there is always enough safe drinking water for all of us to use whenever we need it while striving to keep it affordable for households throughout the Valley.

In addition to the treatment process and continual monitoring and testing of water samples, each municipality must provide regular reports on their water quality detailing each sample. Each city also provides an annual water quality report to its customers, demonstrating the reliability of our safe drinking water and significantly reducing the danger of a major water contaminant crisis.

So remember, your water utility works hard around the clock to ensure high-quality water is there whenever you need it. Whether it’s to cool off after a workout or take a hot bath, make your favorite cup of tea or morning coffee, or cook your favorite meal. We need it to do pretty much everything around us. Most importantly, it is always accessible to ensure the health and safety of ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities.

You can always get complete information about the quality of the water delivered to your home from your local water provider. To read the latest water quality report for your municipality, please visit the appropriate links found below:




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