Robust Rebate Programs Help Residents Increase Water Savings

Published Jul 25, 2023

In Arizona, we understand the importance of water conservation. That’s why developing a wide array of programs and resources that are easily accessible to residents and businesses remains a priority for water conservation staff from the ten AMWUA cities because focusing on wise water use never stops.

One key area is robust rebate programs for residential and non-residential sectors. The intent of rebates is to encourage water conservation efforts and highlight the importance of water-efficiency upgrades. Rebate programs also educate community members about the importance of saving water in our desert communities.

To assist with these goals, each municipality has created its own unique blend of water conservation rebate programs tailored to meet its customers' needs and best address the water management goals within its municipality. With a keen understanding that strengthening our conservation ethic and increasing water savings is more important than ever, cities have focused on enhancing rebate programs. This includes expanding their investments in rebate programs, which means increased financial incentives for actions such as landscape conversions, grass removal, and installing smart irrigation timers. Initiatives such as these are critical to permanently reducing outdoor water use. Inside your home, you may be eligible to receive a rebate for WaterSense-labeled water fixtures and other high-efficiency fittings and appliances. Additionally, many cities offer non-residential rebates for businesses, commercial properties, and HOAs looking to increase their water efficiency with things such as water-efficient plumbing fixtures and their surrounding landscape.

Operating such robust conservation programs that include monetary incentives and rebates for their customers requires substantial funding. The AMWUA cities have significantly increased their budgets for their conservation programs and added to their staff. However, more is needed, and they appreciate a new funding source from the State to promote conservation. 

The Arizona Water Infrastructure Finance Authority (WIFA) is accepting, reviewing, and approving conservation proposals for the new Water Conservation Grant Program that will disperse $200 million in grants for water conservation projects across the state. Eligible entities can apply for up to $3 million to fund conservation programs and projects that facilitate voluntary reductions in water use, increase water use efficiency, and improve reliability in water systems. This is an important initiative and something that the AMWUA cities are pursuing, as additional financial support plays a critical role in elevating the conservation programs in their communities.

Increasing financial investments in conservation will enable cities to expand their programs for customers and look at new innovative ways to improve water efficiency in their own municipal operations. However, it’s important to realize that being responsible for our water is up to each of us . While the cities will continue to do their part, residents, businesses, and industries must remain key partners in using water efficiently so our desert communities remain resilient. Utilizing available rebates is a great place to start.

Municipal rebate programs typically kick off in July. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis with limited funding, so getting your application in soon would be wise. Visit the rebates section  for the most up-to-date information, including how to apply for the available rebate programs within your city.

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