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Aug 09 2022Share

12 News

'Lake Powell is the most immediate concern': Water levels drop to historic lows
Aug 08 2022Share

Arizona Republic

Sinema meets with regional water officials to talk about $4B in Colorado River drought aid
Aug 05 2022Share

Arizona Republic

How many farms can Arizona and California lose before we feel it at the grocery store?
Aug 04 2022Share

Circle of Blue

Arizona and California Farmers, Targets for Colorado River Cuts, Draft Their Conservation Strategy
Aug 03 2022Share

Arizona Republic

Modify Glen Canyon Dam soon or risk losing the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon
Jul 30 2022Share

USA Today

'Save the life of the river': House passes bills on Colorado River drought, wildfires
Jul 28 2022Share

Arizona Republic

We'll use significantly less Colorado River water, no matter how this plays out
Jul 19 2022Share

Colorado Sun

Upper Basin states layout plan to help the Colorado River, but still say Lower Basin needs to chip in more
Jul 19 2022Share


On the Colorado River the feds carry a big stick. Will the states get hit?
Jul 18 2022Share

ABC 15

Where does your water come from: A look at Gilbert and Chandler's water supplies