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Dec 04 2022Share

Arizona Daily Star

Feds announce plan for massive cuts in Colorado River deliveries
Dec 01 2022Share

Cronkite News

Valley homeowners take advantage of xeriscape incentives
Nov 30 2022Share

Know Your Water News

CAP prepares for Tier 2a Colorado River shortage in 2023
Nov 28 2022Share

Arizona Republic

8 Arizona cities have agreed to ditch some grass. But the deal goes far beyond that
Nov 20 2022Share

Arizona Republic

As the Colorado River is stretched thin by drought, can the 100-year-old rules that divide it still work?
Nov 18 2022Share

Associated Press

Phoenix and Las Vegas agree to get rid of decorative grass
Nov 11 2022Share

Phoenix Business Journal

My View: How the city of Phoenix water plan focuses on our future
Nov 11 2022Share

ABC 15

Where does your water come from? A look at Glendale's water supply
Nov 10 2022Share

Arizona Republic

What's wrong with Lake Mead, summed up in a single chart
Nov 04 2022Share

12 News

Future water cuts are expected to hit the Colorado River. Here's how Arizona is responding