Take a pledge to commit to water-wise habits that benefit your community

Published Jun 18, 2024

With the understanding that water is a precious resource and recognizing that every drop counts, conserving water ensures a sustainable future for all residents and generations. This is why last month, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego announced the launch of the "Save Water Pledge," a new initiative designed to bolster Phoenix's water conservation efforts by encouraging participants to commit to practical water-saving actions as part of the City’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Like other Valley cities, Phoenix recognizes how vital water is here in the desert, which includes cultivating a conservation ethic. This specific initiative raises awareness about water conservation and encourages all residents and businesses to step up their conservation efforts and be part of the solution.

The campaign is part of a broader strategy to ensure Phoenix remains a livable, resilient city as it aims to meet its long-term sustainability goals and reduce its environmental footprint. This pledge is just the beginning. The City of Phoenix plans to expand and enhance this initiative moving forward, incorporating more strategies and community feedback to ensure it remains effective and relevant.

The "Save Water Pledge" includes simple yet effective measures that Phoenix residents can adopt to reduce water usage, such as fixing leaks, utilizing water-efficient appliances, and adopting smart watering practices that reflect seasonal weather conditions. Anyone can participate by signing up through the City's Save Water page, , where you can also find resources and tips for reducing water usage.

The campaign will feature various educational resources and community events designed to raise awareness about water conservation techniques and the importance of water sustainability. When you take the pledge, you join a community of mindful citizens dedicated to making significant water conservation efforts. We can make a substantial impact together, so take the pledge today.

All the AMWUA communities have professional conservation staff dedicated to assisting their residents and businesses in using water efficiently. Take a moment to visit your local water conservation office  virtually to explore the resources available to you.

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