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Jun 022019
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Is there a “Grand Bargain” to be had in the Colorado River Basin?

With the Colorado River’s “Drought Contingency Plans” now completed, basin water managers are turning to the question of what happens next. That question, as we see it, is:...

May 302019
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Above-average snowfall helps replenish Arizona's reservoirs

What a difference a year makes. Arizona saw record cool temperatures and above-average rain and snowfall....

May 292019
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The Colorado River’s Biggest Challenge Looms

It’s been a big year for the Colorado River — and one that may set the stage for decades to come....

May 282019
Boas: Water Debates In The Arizona Legislature

The recent Arizona legislative session ended in the wee hours Tuesday morning, and there’s considerable disagreement on both sides of the aisle on how much was accomplished. There’s little doubt, though, that one of the session’s early bipa...

May 282019
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UA water resources program best in world

Protecting water for the future is one of the biggest environmental challenges. New technology, more cost-effective solutions, and management of resources can help save the day.  ...