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Jun 12 2015Share

KJZZ: Water Worries Renew Questions About Future Of Growth In The Phoenix Area
Jun 11 2015Share

Chandler will require highest water users to purchase extra supply
Jun 10 2015Share

AZCentral: Rural Arizona needs to join team 'water regulation'
Jun 09 2015Share

KJZZ: Ducey: California, Feds Should Stay Away From Arizona's Water
Jun 09 2015Share

AZCentral: Ducey: Don't punish Arizona for its water conservation
Jun 07 2015Share

StarTribune: AZ stuck in prolonged drought but sees no CA-style restrictions
Jun 06 2015Share

AZCentral: Our View: Today's Phoenix couldn't exist without CAP
Jun 03 2015Share

Zocalo: Phoenix is a survivor
Jun 01 2015Share

AZ Central: Why we're doing fine while California's thirsty
May 29 2015Share

AZ Central: California's water screw-up means we can't relax