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Apr 032019
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OPINION: Martha McSally and Raul Grijalva could be Arizona's ace in the hole on water

The key players on water issues in Congress both hail from Arizona, and early indications are they're eager to get to work....

Apr 032019
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How to Get People to Conserve Water—and How Not to

The cactuses, scorpions, and occasional dust storms should tip them off, but sometimes Southwesterners forget they live in a desert....

Apr 012019
Watering Reminder - April 2019

The recommendations above are for plants that are established in the landscape (in the ground about two years). To determine how long (how many minutes or hours) to run your sprinklers and/or your drip irrigation, visit ...

Mar 302019
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Will winter snowpack be enough to replenish Lake Powell?

Utah experienced a huge year for precipitation in the 2018-2019 winter, but everyone is wondering if it will be enough to compensate for past years of drought and help refill the state’s reservoirs. Citizens are in particular looking toward...

Mar 302019
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Colorado River Basin states agree on ‘pain-sharing’ plan to deal with drought affecting 40 million Americans

For the 40 million people who depend on water from the Colorado River Basin, including me, there’s no escaping this stark reality: Our thirst for water exceeds what’s actually available....