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May 16 2021Share

Arizona's aquifers remain at risk from 'unsustainable' pumping
May 13 2021Share

AZ Central

'Our own survival is at stake': Arizona is using up its groundwater, researchers warn
May 11 2021Share

Santan Sun News

Chandler is prepared for Colorado River shortage
May 11 2021Share

AZ Central

Most of the work we did in 2001 on groundwater was DOA. What to learn from that now
May 10 2021Share

AZ Family

Arizona water users preparing for first-ever cuts
May 05 2021Share

AZ Big Media

Here’s how Arizona is preparing for 1st cuts to Colorado River allocation
May 03 2021Share

Chamber Business News

Arizona prepped and ready for first cuts to Colorado River allocation
May 01 2021Share

AZ Big Media

7 facts to know about Arizona’s proactive approach to water management
Apr 30 2021Share

AZ Central

Facing a Colorado River shortage, Arizona prepares for the pain of water cutbacks
Apr 29 2021Share


Arizona Positioned To Take On Cuts In Colorado River Supply