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Dec 02 2021Share

Arizona Daily Star

Major extra cuts to be made in Arizona deliveries of Colorado River water next year
Nov 20 2021Share

Arizona Republic

With cutbacks imminent, Arizona and other states scramble to save Colorado River water
Nov 17 2021Share

LA Times

California, Arizona and Nevada in talks on new plan to save Colorado River water
Nov 16 2021Share

Washington Post

Opinion: Maybe luscious green grass doesn’t belong in a drought-stricken Arizona
Nov 15 2021Share


Here’s what Arizona is allocated under $1T infrastructure bill
Nov 14 2021Share

Arizona Republic

Arizona better get cracking if we want cash for water in the infrastructure bill
Nov 09 2021Share

Arizona Republic

How much groundwater is rural Arizona using? NASA satellites could give us a better answer
Nov 08 2021Share

Arizona Republic

It could take at least 500,000 acre-feet of water a year to keep Lake Mead from tanking
Nov 06 2021Share

Arizona Capitol Times

Managing, conserving water a continual priority
Nov 04 2021Share

LA Times

As climate talks put focus on water crisis, the Colorado River provides a stark example