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Water Service Areas are an Essential Institution for Managing Water Resources

BY: AMWUA StaffPublished: Feb 27, 2024

Whether from reading the news, paying your water bill, or doing some research before buying a home, you have probably heard the term “water service areas.” Even if you have not, service areas play an enormously important role in having clean, reliable drinking water delivered to your home every single day....


Feb 20 2024

Trees matter and play an impactful role in our desert communities

There are many ways to enhance any landscape, but one of the easiest ways is with trees. While planting a tree will make an immediate visual impact because of its beauty, color, and texture, desert-friendly trees that use less water bring a vast array of benefits from social, communal, environmental, and economic perspectives for everyone – residents and our communities as a whole....


Feb 13 2024

We Thrive in our State’s Unique Landscape Because of Wise Water Management

On February 14th, Arizona celebrates its 112th birthday, which is the perfect opportunity to appreciate where we live and embrace our state's diversity in landscape and weather, as well as how we continue to be resilient despite the challenges continually thrown our way....


Feb 06 2024

Create Your Outdoor Plan for Spring Utilizing Free Classes and Resources

It’s that time of year when thoughts of spring start swirling, which means it’s also the ideal time for outdoor planning. To help you in your spring preparation, the AMWUA cities offer a wide variety of resources including free classes and workshops to help you design, plant, and maintain a lovely, drought-resistant yard....


Jan 30 2024

Advanced Water Purification Will Boost Our Safe Drinking Water Supplies

Local municipal water providers are always looking for innovative ways to bolster and stretch their water supplies, especially here in the desert. A viable option for water managers is maximizing recycled water by using advanced purified water treatment technology. It is efficient and cost-effective on a large scale and would provide a more immediate boost to local water supplies. This is especial...


Jan 23 2024

Multiple water sources bring resiliency for 3.7 million people in the AMWUA Cities

We can live in the middle of the desert because we continually plan and invest to ensure safe, reliable, and sustainable water supplies for today and the future. By investing in and protecting their rights to diverse water sources, the ten AMWUA cities are better prepared for the long-term and any short-term challenges that may arise, such as a shortage that impacts one of those sources....


Jan 16 2024

We all play a part in preventing stormwater pollution

Any amount of precipitation is appreciated when you live in the desert. And when it does rain in Arizona, it often comes down quickly and causes flooding that sweeps over driveways and sidewalks, through streets and parking lots. These forceful water flows can also carry pollutants such as trash, oil, pet waste, and pesticides into our storm drains, contaminating water that eventually flows into o...

BY: Warren Tenney

Jan 09 2024

Municipal Water Providers Play a Crucial Role in Ensuring Arizona Prospers

The Phoenix metropolitan area is blessed with surface water made available through canals operated by the Salt River Project, and both the Phoenix and Tucson regions are fortunate to receive water from the Central Arizona Project. But these essential supplies from the Salt, Verde, and Colorado Rivers are only useful to our citizens because municipal water providers, like the ten AMWUA cities and t...


Jan 02 2024

What Does it Mean Now that the Colorado River is in a Tier 1 Shortage?

With the arrival of 2024, we have officially entered a Tier 1 Colorado River Shortage. Now that it is here, what does it mean, and how does it impact Arizona and the AMWUA cities? We thought answering frequently asked questions would be helpful....


Dec 26 2023

Explaining All Aspects of Water in Arizona Through 500 Blogs

The AMWUA Blog recently hit a significant milestone – our 500th edition. Since 2014, we have aimed to take the mystery out of complex water issues by providing valuable facts, numbers, or statistics from credible sources and through research. Our key objective has been to explain all aspects of what it takes to deliver water to homes and commercial customers and the importance of conservation and ...

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