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Be kind to your drains this holiday season

BY: AMWUA StaffPublished: Dec 19, 2023

Prepping for the holiday season always tends to be a bit more challenging with our elaborate menus and long to-do lists as we prepare to host, cook, and eat. This means that the kitchen tends to be a busy place. No matter what your holiday menu might entail, it’s important to be kind to your drains and avoid holiday mishaps that could have you plunging or dealing with a sewer backup – activities t...


Dec 12 2023

Expanding Conservation Efforts Brings Results

Over the course of the past few years, the attention to water has continued to intensify, and the spotlight on conservation has grown. While some may question what Arizona and municipal water providers are doing regarding water conservation, the AMWUA cities have remained committed to expanding and advancing water conservation within their respective communities....


Dec 05 2023

Help to Make Your Landscape a Smartscape

A well-designed, desert-adapted landscape is more than just picturesque—it can help lower your water bill, reduce the time and money you spend on maintenance, and add value to your home or business. Your landscape is an investment, something you plan to enjoy for years to come, so it’s also important to make sure you hire the right person to help you design, install, and maintain that investment. ...


Nov 28 2023

A defined look at Arizona water terminology

The water world is complex, diverse, and deep in terminology, which can confuse anyone who isn’t submerged in it regularly. When discussing anything on the topic, such as water quality, water sources and supplies, water management and policies, and the quality and delivery of your water – you are bound to run into acronyms as well as some words and phrases that sound foreign in regular conversatio...

BY: Warren Tenney

Nov 21 2023

Don’t Mortgage Our Future by Weakening Assured Water Supply Requirements

Arizona is confronting water challenges but now is not the time to undermine the 100-year Assured Water Supply Program that has allowed our communities and economy to thrive here in the desert. As many in Arizona’s water community are striving to develop more ways to prudently plan, manage, and invest in our water resources and infrastructure, it is disheartening to have the State Senate President...


Nov 14 2023

Grass facts to help you re-evaluate your yard

There has been a lot of discussion on grass and its place in our desert climate. As we look to maximize our water supplies, finding ways to reduce our individual water use plays an important role. With most of our water use occurring in our yards and landscapes, adopting a desert-adapted landscape can have a significant impact. Properly planting and irrigating drought-tolerant plants and trees tak...

BY: Warren Tenney

Nov 07 2023

Advanced Water Purification is an attainable water solution

Municipal water providers are always planning ahead by looking at new, innovative ways to bolster and stretch their water supplies. A viable option for water managers is maximizing recycled water using advanced purified water treatment technology. Recycling water is a safe, reliable, locally controlled, drought-proof water source that enhances our overall water reliability by further diversifying ...

BY: Warren Tenney

Oct 31 2023

Cities are doing their part to protect the Colorado River

The Colorado River is in better condition than it was this time last year when water elevations at Lake Powell and Lake Mead were at critically low levels. While Mother Nature and this past wet winter provided enough water for the River’s dams to remain operational, commitments for increased system conservation by entities across the Lower Basin, including here in Arizona, are playing a vital role...

BY: Warren Tenney

Oct 24 2023

Adapting our Water Planning and Habits to our Changing Climate

Arizona’s weather continues to break records that we prefer not to brag about. After experiencing the driest monsoon on record in Phoenix and record-breaking heat that has continued into the fall season, it remains clear that our climate is becoming more drastic, and we must continue to adapt accordingly....


Oct 17 2023

The vital role water plays in our lives

Water is essential to all aspects of our communities. Water sustains our families’ daily activities and supports economic productivity in the Valley. It ultimately affects everything and everyone. Water truly is the single most crucial resource in our lives. But imagine if your city could no longer deliver water to you and your family. Life would look drastically different....

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