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Mar 292019
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Road to resilience: ASU adviser uses I-10 to spread awareness about water policy

While water policy usually tends to be a dry topic, ASU presidential adviser and former design school dean Duke Reiter is putting a fresh spin on old ideas with the 10X media project....

Mar 292019
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Water planning, climate uncertainty are main themes at Phoenix event

Water managers and scientists can’t say with 100 percent certainty what Arizona’s water supply will look like in the distant future. But of all the possible outcomes, one thing seems certain: A water shortage won’t solve itself....

Mar 282019
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Colorado River drought plan clears 2 early hurdles in Congress

A plan to divvy up cutbacks to Colorado River water in times of shortage has passed its first two tests in Congress....

Mar 272019
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Water officials press Senate on urgency of Colorado River drought plan

The director of the Arizona Department of Water Resources told a Senate panel Wednesday there is an “urgent need” to authorize a multistate drought contingency plan for the Colorado River basin....

Mar 272019
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Here's what the Colorado River deal will do, and why some criticize Arizona's approach

Gov. Doug Ducey has called Arizona’s Colorado River drought plan the most significant piece of water legislation signed in the state in nearly 40 years. ...