Design the Irrigation System
Once the preliminary landscape plan is complete, you can plan an irrigation system that is appropriate for your Xeriscape design. Before drawing the irrigation system design, learn as much about irrigation as possible. View the basic components of a drip irrigation system. Find out the latest in water efficient irrigation materials by visiting local irrigation supply stores and by reading up on the subject. Reading materials are available from local libraries, bookstores, home and hardware stores and irrigation supply stores. There have been many advances in irrigation technology in recent years, so check the publication dates for the most current information.

In our area, turf is usually watered by a sprinkler system. Other ornamental plants, such as trees, shrubs, vines and groundcovers, are usually watered with a drip irrigation system. If you schedule watering times and maintain your drip system appropriately, this type of irrigation system can reduce evaporation and runoff, reduce weed growth and promote plant health by providing water to each plant's root zone, where it's needed most, without wetting leaves and soaking areas that don't need to be watered.

General Placement of Irrigation Components

Make a Wish List
Draw Existing Site
Learn About Plants
Learn About Materials
Draw Preliminary Plan
Design Irrigation System
Basic Components
Emitter Quantities
Draw Irrigation Design
Draw Final Design
Prepare Cost Estimate
  • When visiting irrigation supply stores, look closely at the irrigation system components and ask questions of the staff. If time is available, the sales staff should be able to review your plan for mistakes and offer advice on construction. In general, top quality materials will cost more to purchase but will be more reliable and will require less maintenance in the long run.
If designing and installing an irrigation system seems like an overwhelming task, consider hiring a landscape professional to do this landscape component.
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