Plants for the Arizona Desert

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Whether you are planning to update your landscape, new to Arizona and trying to figure out how to water your plants, or looking to hire a landscape pro, we have the resources you need.

Events and Workshops

The AMWUA members and partners host hundreds of educational workshops for residents, training for professionals, and public events every year to share expertise and information on a wide range of Arizona gardening, landscaping, and water management topics.

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The AMWUA communities and partners have professional staffs and programs available to assist residents and businesses install and maintain water efficient landscapes. Visit their websites to explore available resources and rebates and to find contact information.

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Buying local means you are buying plants most likely to thrive in your yard. Your local garden center has a staff of experts to answer questions about selection, care, and watering. Can’t find a plant? They may be able to track it down or offer another great option.

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Find a Pro

When you hire contractors, you want to be sure you have the right person for the job. Our explanation of professional titles and certifications, tips for selecting and hiring professional services, and links to professional associations will be helpful.

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The key to keeping your landscape healthy and beautiful is knowing how much water your plants need and then adjusting your system seasonally to meet those needs. Properly designing, installing, and maintaining your irrigation system also plays an important role.

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Pruning Tips

Desert-adapted plants generally require little, if any, pruning. Too much pruning reduces flowering, stresses the plant, and can lead to premature death. There are some instances when pruning is appropriate, and we provide tips for how to do it correctly.

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Books about Plants

We admit it. We are unabashed plant nerds. And we’re excited to share some of our favorite books and authors on plants and landscaping in Arizona’s desert: in-depth plant guides, water harvesting, graywater use, container gardening, and much more.

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Bookmark the plants that capture your interest as you browse the site, then return to sift through your selections to refine your selections. Your wish list will serve as a convenient reference as you lay out your landscape design and as a handy shopping guide.

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