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May 09 2023
Arizona water professionals protect, manage, and deliver an essential service
Apr 18 2023
Reclamation pressures Basin States to find collaborative solutions to protect the Colorado River
Nov 29 2022
Accounting for evaporation and system losses needs to be part of managing the Colorado River
Oct 04 2022
Education Guide to Inform Voters and Raise Awareness on the CAP Board Election
Jul 05 2022
Wildfires impact our watershed and the quality of our water
Jun 28 2022
Historic investment in Arizona’s water future is an important starting point
Apr 19 2022
Water is essential, and so are the professionals that provide it
Apr 05 2022
Being water aware helps us thrive in the desert
Mar 15 2022
Investing in Arizona’s Water Future is Crucial, but Let’s do it Right
Mar 08 2022
What is the Arizona Water Authority?
Mar 01 2022
Guiding principles for augmentation discussions
Feb 22 2022
Key questions about augmentation
Dec 13 2021
How the Colorado River Shortage Will Impact Arizona
Nov 29 2021
Taking the Mystery out of Arizona Water Through 400 Multifarious Blogs
Nov 08 2021
Instilling Water Stewardship in the Next Generation
Jun 28 2021
Responsible Water Management Brings Reliability Despite Colorado River Challenges
Jun 07 2021
The Critical Impact of Wildfires on Water
May 31 2021
How to be Efficient and Effective with Your Outdoor Watering
Apr 05 2021
Celebrating the Dedication of Arizona Water Professionals
Mar 08 2021
Availability and Delivery of Water is a Collaborative Process
Feb 22 2021
Improving Recovery of Stored Water for a Drier Future
Dec 28 2020
Recapping the Year in Water
Sep 28 2020
Let's Keep Talking About Water
Jul 13 2020
Arizona’s New Digital and Interactive Water Encyclopedia
Jun 15 2020
Groundwater Management Act: The Next 40 Years
Apr 20 2020
Study Projects Colorado River System Levels for Next two Years
Apr 13 2020
Arizona Water Professionals: Dedicated to Protecting, Managing and Delivering an Essential Service
Feb 24 2020
Why Water Legislation Matters
Jan 20 2020
Groundwater in Arizona: Past, Present, and Future - Part Two
Jan 13 2020
Groundwater in Arizona: Past, Present, and Future - Part One
Dec 02 2019
Milestone Achieved but Mission to Educate and Inform Continues
Oct 21 2019
Let’s Talk About the CAGRD
Oct 14 2019
Arizona’s Overdue Water Plans Must be a Priority
Sep 23 2019
Water Sustainability Key to Moving Arizona Forward
Apr 15 2019
Arizona Water Professionals...They Deliver
Mar 04 2019
What Impact Does Precipitation Have On Our Drought and Water Supplies?
Feb 04 2019
DCP: Milestone for Arizona But Now What?
Jan 28 2019
AMWUA Mayors Urge Legislature to Approve DCP
Jan 21 2019
Why Do We Not Have Water Restrictions?
Dec 03 2018
Carefully Crafted Plan is Arizona’s Path to Protecting Colorado River
Nov 26 2018
New Arizona Prize: Mesa (And You) Win The Water Public Art Challenge
Nov 19 2018
6 Things You Need To Know About Your Wastewater
Oct 22 2018
NIA Water: What It Is And Why It Matters To You
Oct 08 2018
What Would A Day Without Water Look Like?
Oct 01 2018
2018's Least Known Election Is One of The Most Important
Sep 03 2018
Milestone for Arizona: 50th Anniversary of Colorado River Basin Project Act
Aug 27 2018
Saving the Colorado River: Everyone Faces A Sacrifice
Aug 20 2018
Cities Take Their Conservation Message To The Next Generation
Aug 13 2018
Arizona Water Watch: Citizen Scientists Protect Natural Resources
Jul 30 2018
Five Links: Going Deeper Into Drought’s Impact On Arizona
Jul 09 2018
Healthy Arizona Forests Are Vital To Valley Water Supplies
Jul 02 2018
Colorado River: Can Arizona Act to Protect Vital Water Source?
Jun 18 2018
5 Things You Need To Know Right Now About Arizona’s Drought
Jun 11 2018
Water Resources: The State Agency That Keeps Arizona Working
May 28 2018
AMWUA Text Alert Takes Guess Work Out Of Watering
May 21 2018
Price of Uncertainty: Arizona Water Rights Trapped In Lawsuit
May 07 2018
Disappointing Session: Action Not Words Are Needed To Solve Arizona Water Issues
Apr 09 2018
Is Arizona Doing Everything It Can to Avoid Shortage on the Colorado River?
Feb 27 2017
Sen. John Kyl: Compromise Is Key To Water Leadership
Oct 10 2016
This Year's Least Known Election Is One Of The Most Important
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