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Jul 11 2023
AMWUA cities have the water supplies for wise development
Jun 20 2023
Groundwater model does not mean we are running out of water despite the headlines
Jun 06 2023
Phoenix AMA Model is an important tool for proactively managing our groundwater and ensuring responsible growth
May 23 2023
Governor’s Water Policy Council tasked with finding policy solutions to water challenges
Jan 31 2023
100-Year Assured Water Supply Designation Better Positions Communities to Face Challenges
Jan 17 2023
Collaboratively developing solutions for our water challenges must be a priority
Oct 11 2022
Colorado River Crisis Increases Importance of Managing Groundwater Supplies
Jan 11 2022
Safeguarding our water must be a priority for legislators
Mar 29 2021
Recharge and Replenishment – What’s the difference?
Mar 22 2021
Arizona Continues its Legacy of Confronting Water Challenges Head-on
Mar 08 2021
Availability and Delivery of Water is a Collaborative Process
Jan 11 2021
Water a Continued Priority for 2021
Jun 15 2020
Groundwater Management Act: The Next 40 Years
Jan 27 2020
Groundwater in Arizona: Past, Present, and Future - Part Three
Jan 20 2020
Groundwater in Arizona: Past, Present, and Future - Part Two
Oct 21 2019
Let’s Talk About the CAGRD
Apr 22 2019
Drought and Shortage: What Is the Difference?
Apr 01 2019
Assured Water Supply Program: Protecting Homebuyers while Ensuring Responsible Growth
Feb 18 2019
Non-Vetted Water Bills Threaten More Than DCP
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